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NFON empowers staff and partners with an LMS that encourages self learning and development

Headquartered in Munich, NFON AG is the only pan-European cloud PBX provider – counting more than 15,000 companies across 13 European countries as customers.

NFON, the cloud telephone system, offers over 150 functions as well as a seamless integration of premium solutions. With our intuitive communications solutions, we enable European companies to improve their work a little, every single day. NFON is the new freedom of business communication.

The Challenge

NFON UK  have a growing nationwide network of business partners. With nationwide growth comes a greater demand to train and certify Partner and Internal NFON staff to make sure they are trained and upskilled to support the portfolio.

Effectively the users of the LMS are remote sales, technical, support, business operations and customer services staff so they require access to all available resources from training materials to datasheets and technical documentation online.

As well as greater access to online resources it was essential that NFON increase its capability to interact with its partners via alternative mediums that offer more cost effect solutions thus enabling partner productivity to increase as well as ensuring efficiencies in time and travel increases.

It was important that NFON achieved bite-sized learning to support all their partner organisations and internal NFON staff learning and development as part of their ongoing commitment.

The Solution

Totara Learn NFON

Implementing Totara Learn, with the support of Synergy Learning, provided NFON with a Learning Management System that allowed them to:

  • Have an effective learning community - engaging with partners and providing online forums to ensure a collaborative environment  - partners need to be dedicated to process
  • Product learning - Giving staff and partners the ability to access all forms of marketing collateral online
  • A learning section - Giving staff and partners the ability to access the online learning course portfolio to achieve the accreditations and certifications as part of our dedicated Partner Program.

Synergy Learning provided great consultancy to tailor the community portal and make it as interactive and accessible as possible.

The Results

  • Launched an engaging single training management platform which has improved staff and partner development
  • Empowered staff and partners by creating a training platform that encourages self learning and development
  • Despite an official soft launch taking place in February 2018, the new LMS has already resulted in staff and partners accessing the system with the majority of these completing courses and accessing online resources with fantastic reviews and a more professional approach to interactions.

"We wanted to raise the level of skills amongst trained NFON staff and partners and shift the focus from partner dependence to partner independence and self-servicing. By providing more accessible training options to our partners we are reducing the need for travel and time away from work. The eLearning program starts with a Foundation course and has three branches across Technical (for administrators, engineers and technicians), Sales and Operations (covering billing, compliance and porting). The platform has been designed to offer accreditations via exams and certifications via a third party proctored agency. Unlike many other eLearning programmes, the NFON LMS will enable the certifications to be carried by the learner, rather than by the organisation" - Myles Leach, Managing Director, NFON UK

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