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Northern Rail launches a single self-service LMS to give employees the freedom to learn at their own pace

Northern, the trading name of Arriva Rail North, is the primary train operator in Northern England. A subsidiary of Arriva UK Trains, Northern operates more stations than any other train operating company in the United Kingdom.

Arriva is one of the leading passenger transport services organisations in Europe, employing around 55,000 people and providing more than 2.2 billion passenger journeys every year.

northern rail Totara Learn LMS

The Challenge

There was a requirement from Northern (Arriva Rail North) to provide access to a learning management system for all staff.

The objective of this system was to replace current manual / excel records of non-defined training processes and development and provide an auditable record of the training courses completed.

The previous method of training was ad-hoc, varying by site, function and department. Bringing a single recognised process and system with the associated management information provided a clear view of training needs across the business with managed delivery.

Northern Rail LMS

The Solution

Northern (Arriva Rail North) had a requirement for the provision of a Learning Management System (LMS) for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning training courses.

Implementing Totara Learn, with the support of Synergy Learning, provided Northern (Arriva Rail North) with a Learning Management System that allowed them to:

  • Deliver and manage instructional content
  • Identify and assess individual and organisational learning or training goals
  • Track the progress towards meeting those goals
  • Collect and present data for supervising the learning process of the organisation as a whole
  • Be web-based to facilitate access to learning content and administration
  • The Totara Learn platform implemented by Synergy Learning also handles course registration, course administration, skills gap analysis, tracking, and reporting.
Northern Rail Totara

The Results

  • Launched an engaging single training management platform which has improved staff development
  • Empowered staff by creating a training platform that encourages self learning - a self-service system has been introduced, staff can now book themselves  on to courses and access online learning at their own pace
  • Implemented a system with powerful reporting functions that allows Northern (Arriva Rail North) to handle safety critical training alongside essential audit information
  • Despite an official launch still not having been made a soft launch of Northern’s new LMS has already resulted in over 400 members of staff accessing the system with the majority of these completing at least one online learning course or signing up to a classroom course that has been assigned to them.
  • The official launch of the system is due in the next couple of months and, with the great feedback already received on the ease of use of the system, we envisage that employees will embrace the system and any learning that has been assigned to them.

“The full functionality of Totara Learn was initially seen as daunting and complex however it’s power and feature set was quickly made familiar and explained well during the implementation. We had challenges with staff data going into the system due to the quality of our own data,  but with the assistance of Synergy Learning we managed to overcome and be empowered to manage this ourselves going forward. We have really enjoyed working with Synergy Learning and appreciate the time and effort taken to assist with our implementation.” – Andrew A. Wright, Northern (Arriva Rail North), IS Project Manager

Northern Rail Totara LMS