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Red Hat chooses Totara Learn to support its open source ethos

Red Hat revolutionised the operating system with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. Now, it is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions with a broad portfolio, including hybrid cloud infrastructure, middleware, agile integration, cloud-native application development, and management and automation solutions.

Red Hat is a rapidly growing company supporting more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

The Challenge

Red Hat is a rapidly growing company with anywhere between 10-20% annual employee growth. This growth presents unique challenges to deliver rich onboarding and learning programs at scale. These learning programs are often multi-month engagements represented as a learning path and comprising learning assets and activities delivered by a variety of different tools and repositories.

The challenge was to simplify this learning experience and to provide employees with rapid, distraction-free access to this rich learning path and to help them track their progress.

In addition, since the managers of these employees play such a critical role in motivating and encouraging progress in these programs, it was essential to make it easier for their managers to be able to quickly access a dashboard visualisation to monitor and manage progress.

The Solution

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Red Hat partnered with Synegen to develop an open-source learning experience platform (LXP) called Red Hat University (RHU). Synegen created a user interface application that leverages Totara Learn as the backend system for administering learning and also as the trusted source of data.

Totara Learn’s open API and general extensibility let Synegen build an LXP application on top of it by leveraging existing APIs as well as developing new web services to communicate with Totara Learn.

Red Hat University has grown the learning focus from individual courses to learning paths (Totara programs) that combine content on Red Hat’s LMS with content from LinkedIn Learning, Kaltura, Allego and other sources. Learners are able to quickly see where they left off and jump right back in, reducing confusion and saving time.

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Learners are able to find training content and classes using a federated search feature. Search matches content from all of Red Hat’s trusted sources of learning by title, description, and tags and lets learners filter it based on type, source, and language.

They can find instructor-led training (ILT) or virtual instructor led training (vILT) sessions based on their location and start time. 

"The new RHU is much easier to navigate, I can see exactly where I left off and can easily find any and all courses that interest me."

Sales professional, Red Hat

The Results

This initiative highlighted Totara's freedom of choice as Red Hat was able to complement the services of their Totara partner Kineo US and take advantage of Synegen's development capabilities in order to realize their vision for the LXP and Red Hat University.

The combination of Totara Learn and the LXP solution has helped Red Hat achieve both freedom to learn and freedom to innovate. Since Red Hat University went live in March 2019, 66% of employees have accessed the system and 79% of those are returning users. The average session time is higher for returning users, which indicates that they are consuming learning. Red Hat has experienced global adoption of the tool, with users spanning all major regions and 80+ countries. 

The platform continues to be actively developed with frequent deployments of additional enhancements and improvements based on Red Hat’s specific requirements. This provides complete flexibility in the design of the user experience avoiding the cost and complexity involved in customising Totara Learn.

“Red Hat is not only an open source software company but our core culture exudes open collaboration. Deploying Totara Learn was a huge step in moving to an open LMS platform. As we thought about the next chapter in our journey, we knew we needed to create an open learning ecosystem. A system that would allow us to continue to mold the learner experience to our unique needs and a platform that would mask the complexity of the many Learning tools we use to craft a rich learning experience. That was the inception of the Red Hat University and we were fortunate to find a partner in Synegen that was able to leverage the openness of Totara Learn's API, and help us build an open learning experience platform that will continue to deliver value to the business.”

Tesh Patel, Director, Learning Technologies and Platforms