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Remondis' new learning platform saves thousands in travel and training workshops

REMONDIS is one of the world's largest recycling, service and water companies. Managing waste disposal, industrial services and water treatment. With over 30,000 employees and around 800 business locations on 4 continents, the group serves more than 30 million people and many thousands of companies around the world.

The Challenge

Remondis was faced with a growing number of employees and a requirement to ensure compliance in industry standards for all of their employees. Operating across a number of industrial and manufacturing services, a more cost efficient and centralized platform was required as part of the management of their German and wider European operations. Managed by the IT team at the Remondis HQ, Totara Learn LMS delivers a range of training and certifications with delegation to sites across Europe.

The Solution

Being open source, this allowed Synergy Learning to develop a made-to-measure theme and navigation to suit the requirements of Remondis. Styles and interfaces were designed using Remondis’ branding guidelines and further enhanced with made-to-measure UX features and functionality for ease of use.

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Alongside the styling upgrades, the use of the reporting functionality and the ability to manage a range of audiences gave Remondis full control over their learner experience with up to date custom reporting on the statistics that mattered to them.

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Custom developed plugins to allow authenticated enrollment meant when users were added, they were automatically authenticated into an audience and enrolled into relevant courses. The multi-tenancy feature gave the managers across the 23 sites in Germany and others in Poland and the Netherlands the ability to manage this feature as part of on-boarding.

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The multi-tenancy feature allowed granular segmentation of audiences across the sites to ensure learning managers in sites were only able to access courses and data relevant to them. Through considerable consulting, the implementation could be executed using the Totara functionality with some custom developed functionality.

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The multi-tenancy feature was further complemented by a plugin which allowed line managers to approve access to courses requested by the employee. This meant only required and relevant training could be assigned to each employee, cutting down on wasted learning hours.

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Alongside the Totara platform, SAP Quality Management integration was required to confirm and log course completions in SAP QM for ease of management in HR reporting. Due to Totara being an open source platform, integration is easy to implement. The in-house development team in Synergy Learning has created a plugin to sync with the SAP QM software.

The Result

  • Freedom to save – the Remondis Totara LMS saves thousands in travel and training workshops by delivering customized courses specific to the requirements of the company.
  • Freedom to learn – through made-to-measure design and on-demand training, the platform gives the employee access to training at a time and pace that suits them.
  • The centralized LMS gives full control to compliance and HR reporting as required in the initial scope of the project. It also allows for scalability to more sites and employees as required in the expansion of the company.
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