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Remote Learner puts training in user's back pockets with Learning Spaces

Remote Learner designs, delivers, and supports fully integrated e-learning solutions that drive impact. Remote Learner’s team of experts embraces a hybrid best-of-breed approach, partnering with industry-leading providers to accelerate delivery in key functional areas, while employing proprietary persuasive design strategies, tools and techniques to deliver solutions uniquely tailored to the needs of its clients.

The Challenge

Given the breadth of capabilities available to users of our platforms, new and experienced clients alike needed a resource to obtain on-demand training, documentation and best practices that are specific to their LMS.

While personalised training pathways based on the client’s specific LMS version would be available to those seeing a holistic approach to their education on the platform, the ability to quickly find instruction on specific concepts, functions and features would be necessary as well.

Finally, access to Frequently Asked Questions, the availability of a community forum of Remote Learner clients and trainers, and access to live 'office hours' with Remote Learner training specialists would round out the ability for clients to get the information they need to be successful, when they need it. All of this needed to be wrapped in a modern interface that feels native to today’s learner.

The Solution

While Remote Learner’s Learning Spaces solution has been in existence for several years, its relatively recent migration to Totara Learn has allowed them to significantly improve the value it provides to their clients.

They began by breaking their larger training courses into 'microlearning' training modules. This allows users to quickly find the answers to specific questions. That said, by using Programs we’re able to create training pathways that gather their training modules into holistic groups based on larger concepts within the context of specific versions of the platform. Using Audiences in conjunction with Programs, learners have the ability to choose their platform/version and the appropriate training modules are made available to them - no need to sort through training that doesn’t apply!

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Other unique features that they're now able to offer include the ability to provide client managers visibility to their team members’ progress in completing training modules. In addition, they have a better visibility into how the site is used by clients through Totara’s Report Builder function.

Finally, they wanted to make sure they gave attention to not only what content users access, but how they access it. To that end, they built a brand new theme for the site that implements a modern “play list” style of interface. This gives users the choice of searching for individual training modules that address granular functions, or access their Recommended Pathways to see all of the available training options for their platform and version.

These enhancements, along with ongoing access to their “Ask an Expert” forum, “Weekly Webinar” registration and archive page, and their “Virtual Office Hours”, makes the entirety of Learning Spaces a significant benefit for their clients and sets Remote Learner apart in the service they provide as a Totara Partner.

The Result

  • The Totara Freedom that they benefited from most was the freedom to learn. A major objective of this effort was to increase the usability of the site.
  • This would be demonstrated by users being able to more quickly access the information they need.
  • Data supporting this achievement revealed that the number of training module clicks per user login decreased from 10.5 from June 1, 2017 through June 1, 2018, to 7.1 from June 1, 2018 through June 1, 2019.

“I use Learning Spaces every day! Sometimes it's doing research for my own knowledge or sometimes I just send links to micro-learning modules to my clients so they can have a better understanding of a topic we were discussing - it's an awesome resource and I love having Learning Spaces in my back pocket to help me better serve my clients.”

Janet Churchward, Account Manager