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Sensoa delivers sensitive training to internal and external audiences with Totara Learn

Sensoa is the Flemish expertise center for sexual health. They want to promote sexual health, encourage a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relations and prevent risks of unplanned pregnancy, sexually transgressive behavior and more.

The Challenge

Sensoa's main objective for their new learning management system (LMS) was to further expand their online and blended learning offering to prepare others to apply the theme of sexual health within their organizational/institutional context. This would make them more accessible to the general public. They wanted more uniformity and automation across their learning offering, which required a powerful LMS that could easily collaborate with Sensoa's other systems.

Sensoa needed automatic follow-up of their training offering in one central place, including registrations, emails, drop-outs, link to evaluations and more. The management of learning data goes hand in hand with the possibility to report via the system as well. All of this would optimize the user experience, making it easier to find training, to follow it and to target specific audiences with minimum manual administration.  

The Solution

Sensoa course catalog

Sensoa was looking for training design support which The Learning Hub offered through one specific workshop: a kingdom cards workshop. Training designers aligned the different stakeholders on their views about specific questions, such as where they now stand as an organization in terms of learning, what they want to achieve, what the target audience of their learning offer should be and so on. The workshop concluded with the description of clear next steps.

After this workshop, The Learning Hub organized a How To Choose Your LMS track consisting of two sessions. In session one, they focused on a requirements analysis, specifically to Sensoa’s context and their expectations. During our sessions, we identified the absolute must-have requirements for Sensoa. Based on these requirements, The Learning Hub was able to compose a shortlist of LMS vendors that met the essential criteria. Normally, The Learning Hub also composes a Request for Information (RFI) that the customer can send out to different vendors, but Sensoa only requested a shortlist of vendors. They discussed the shortlist of vendors during the second session of the track along with the advantages and disadvantages of each LMS. Totara quickly rose to the top of the list as this LMS met most of their criteria. 

“Thanks to The Learning Hub we were able to define the goals for our learning program at Sensoa, which helped us to focus on the next steps we needed to take to set up e-learning within our organization. They gave us an overview of the learning management systems that matched with our needs, and coached us to set up our very own LMS, Totara.”
– Tara De Laet, responsible for Professional Development at Sensoa 

In the next months, Sensoa decided to progress with Totara as their preferred solution and quickly went ahead by planning the next phase. The main focus was on creating courses in the platform and making them available for new and external users. Those users can create an account themselves on the platform and are obliged to fill out some personal information so that Sensoa can keep track of course progress in the system. Additionally, Sensoa required an LMS that could integrate in a later stage with a possible e-commerce vendor, since they aim in the future to not only offer free courses, but also offer paid-for courses. Since custom development is possible within Totara, adding an e-commerce functionality in the future would not be an issue. 

The Results

With Totara, Sensoa realized benefits such as easy administration with less manual work, and a single, accessible platform for internal and external users to learn about sexual health in multiple formats.

Sensoa Totara Learn dashboard

Sensoa is a partner of the project "Matchen," which aims to offer care providers support in their communication with non-native speakers. Within the Matchen project, an e-learning module was developed for culturally sensitive communication with non-native speakers about sexual health. The e-learning module is already available via the Matchen website, but there is no way yet to keep track of the completions and the e-learning data. Sensoa’s new Totara platform will change that.
Sensoa’s platform will continue to expand the content and documentation about sexual health on the platform (free or at a cost). They will also continue to manage the platform on their own. An additional training about Totara by The Learning Hub was already scheduled in the next weeks after the implementation and of course, The Learning Hub will always be the point of contact if issues should arise in the future. 

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