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Subaru Canada consolidated two platforms into one for easier monitoring of learning

Subaru Canada, Inc. markets and distributes Subaru vehicles, parts and accessories through a network of 94 authorized dealers throughout Canada.

The Challenge

Subaru Canada needed to evolve from having multiple pre-existing systems for their Sales and Aftersales Departments, that relied upon a combination of Flash-based training programs, Excel-based reporting and on-premise paper-and-video training that was difficult to monitor, report on and certify.

Sales and Aftersales utilized separate learning management systems to deliver their training, which led to significant issues when importing courses, as well as tracking, reporting and optimizing their training programs. This also led to difficulty for their Field Managers and Dealership Managers in understanding the structure and operation characteristics of both systems. The existing Flash-based content and other browser-based limitations exasperated those struggles because their courses only functioned using the Internet Explorer browser.

Additionally, Subaru needed to meet regional regulatory compliance regulations with Single Sign-On and reporting on in-course training time. The icing on the cake was overcoming objections to a new system regarding security, accessibility, and implementation concerns from Subaru’s internal stakeholders.

The Solution

Subaru decided to consolidate all Sales and Aftersales training into a single integrated cloud-based LMS. Totara Learn was the only LMS that could meet all of their requirements.

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Subaru used Totara to create two separate “campuses” for their new “Subaru Academy”: one for Sales and one for Aftersales. Totara’s robust permissions settings enabled Subaru’s dealership managers to dive deep into the LMS to see and understand their staff’s training progress. According to Dean Phillips, Director, Subaru Academy, Strategy & Technology, “it helps us and dealership managers to know overall where everyone is with one-click.”

When it came to compliance training and regulatory reporting, Totara’s Last Login Time report quickly became invaluable to field managers. Single Sign-On functionality was also available to improve usability, accessibility, and security.

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Utilizing the official learning analytics Product Extension for Totara Learn, Zoola Analytics, Subaru was able to fulfill the Province of Quebec’s legislation for reporting with a custom report to track and show total time dedicated to training across online and instructor-led courses. The automated delivery of reports and HTML-embedding from Zoola Analytics allowed Subaru to easily deliver clear and actionable reports for everyone from dealers, to field managers, to the corporate office.

The bilingual requirements in Canada made Totara’s HTML blocks an essential feature: “Because we have to deliver in French and English, we can now automatically show the appropriate language to the appropriate audience,” confirmed Dean Phillips.

Totara’s HTML blocks also enabled Subaru to deliver a far superior user experience. Video lessons were embedded into the blocks, which made it much clearer for users to understand where to go, what to watch, and what to click on. This also eliminated the concerns regarding proprietary video links being made publicly available and it allowed Subaru to easily replace their Flash-based courses.

Hierarchies enabled Subaru to organize and direct reports on training program progress and last-login reports so that managers higher in the hierarchy could see the progress of employees that did not directly report to them. Audience based visibility allowed Subaru to move their internal employees into Totara Learn, which enabled them to participate in their Product Training Courses, while preventing their dealership learners from viewing internal courses and programs.

Totara’s 'if-then' capabilities for building courses enabled the creation of custom learning paths that direct users to the appropriate follow-up courses based on their job title/position, streamlining the experience for users and admins alike.

The Results

Freedom To Learn

  • Subaru can now deliver adaptable, feature-rich online and instructor-led training courses and certification programs across two integrated but separate 'campuses' for their Sales and Aftersales training needs, complete with custom learning paths based on job titles for each department. This ease of use and visibility has resulted in a steady increase in course enrollment and completion rates.

Freedom To Save

  • Subaru significantly reduced e-learning costs by eliminating two disparate LMSs and moving from in-house to true cloud hosting.
  • Troubleshooting time decreased from days or weeks to mere hours. Subaru has not experienced any LMS-related downtime since switching to Totara Learn.

“One thing I love about Totara is that when building training programs, we can do different sections of courses. We can have online training courses, instructor courses that can be mandatory or optional for certain levels of technicians, and it builds awareness even for people who don’t immediately need it.”

“Reporting with Totara and Zoola makes it easy to know overall where everyone is regarding their training and compliance needs. It’s a huge time saver that results in less hand-holding to get managers to enroll their employees in training.”

Dean Phillips, Director, Subaru Academy, Strategy & Technology