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Takkenkamp retains control of their own learning with Totara Learn

Takkenkamp Groep is a specialist in insulation, restoration and facade maintenance. Takkenkamp is a family business and greatly values the development of its employees. 

The Challenge

Takkenkamp is a recognized training company and for this reason has started the Takkenkamp Professional Training program.

They believe that they have to contribute to the future of their profession. In the past, for instance, there was still special training for grouting. This is no longer the case, and organizations like Takkenkamp must train people themselves.

Within the next 10 years, people with a lot of knowledge about these highly practical topics will graduate. Takkenkamp wants to convert that knowledge into e-learning to make it accessible and keep it up to date. Switching to online training will also help them ensure the consistency and quality of their offering. 

Finally, Takkenkamp wanted a platform to help support personal development for its people. Altogether, these challenges pointed to a need for a new learning platform.

The Solution

Takkenkamp wanted to find a learning management system (LMS) to offer e-learning modules and gain insight into the results. The organization was also looking for an authoring tool to convert the professional training into e-learning modules. It was important that they could build responsive e-learning with the authoring tool in an efficient way. In addition, animations had to be included in the e-learning modules.

The LMS needed to support the entire blended learning method and it had to be in the style of Takkenkamp Groep's corporate identity. With the platform, the organization wants to bring together supply and demand for both hard and soft skills. For this project, the platform had to meet the following requirements and wishes:

  • The possibility to work with job profiles
  • A platform with sufficient administrative and reporting options
  • The option for a phased and flexible go-live
  • Flexibility in design and layout
  • The platform must be GDPR compliant
  • The platform must be integrated with workflow and document management software Exact Synergy

Takkenkamp researched various providers, until a construction company in their network brought them to The Courseware Company. Takkenkamp found it appealing that they could do a lot of the functional management themselves. Other partners and vendors they considered were focused on taking over the functional management tasks.

"Totara Learn really appealed to us. It is clear, simple and easy to understand. Just what we need."

The Solution

Takkenkamp chose Totara Learn because of the user friendliness and flexibility of the system. Together with The Courseware Company consultants, a tight schedule was made for the implementation of their learning management system.

Portret Susan Bosman

"Because of the COVID-19 measures, we have done everything online. That was a very pleasant experience. We were given assignments to learn how the system works. You have to learn by doing. Our consultant let us discover certain things by ourselves which was very nice."

Susan Bosman, HR Advisor at Takkenkamp Groep

"The entire implementation was completely online. Face-to-face is always nice, but in terms of effectiveness, it really helped us do everything online. It was a professional way of working. There are lots of functionalities with regards to reporting and creating user groups. You can create your own reports very easily, but you have to know how to use them first. I want to advise everyone to do the Totara Learn training. It makes the system very clear and easy."

Irma Klein Bleumink, HR Advisor at ‘Takkenkamp Groep’

Vakopleiding Totara Learn Takkenkamp

Create your own e-learning

During the implementation of Totara Learn, Takkenkamp also developed its own e-learning modules using Articulate 360.

They developed subject-specific modules themselves, starting with courses about insulation. In these modules, they use theory together with photos and videos from work in practice, with learners taken through an entire work day via the training. It was essential that the training was easy to follow and visually appealing on a smartphone, with workers able to access modules in the field. 

In addition to its own professional training courses, Takkenkamp also offers soft skills training with its learning management system. All professionals can use GoodHabitz's 130 soft skills training courses.

"I am very proud of the result and that we have created all professional courses ourselves."

Irma Klein Bleumink, HR Advisor at Takkenkamp Groep

Vakopleiding Totara Learn Takkenkamp

Pleasant cooperation

Takkenkamp portret Irma

"Our experience cooperating with The Courseware Company was very pleasant, and the implementation was very easy. Our consultant is very involved and knows everything about our organization. She knows which user groups we use and how we can use them well. If something goes wrong, we can always call our account manager." 

Irma Klein Bleumink, HR Advisor at Takkenkamp Groep

"We really enjoy working together. We have a great consultant who is always there for us. "

Susan Bosman, HR Advisor at Takkenkamp Groep