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Terminix Totara Learn

Terminix saved 30 hours a month on learning administration with Totara Learn

Terminix is one of the largest pest and termite control companies in the world, helping to protect domestic and commercial properties from infestations of termites, bed bugs, mosquitos and more. Terminix has been in operation for over 90 years and has some of the world’s top pest control specialists.

The Challenge

Despite being a very successful international company, Terminix had a problem: it was experiencing a high turnover of sales staff. Their existing enterprise LMS lacked the flexibility to allow Terminix’s L&D team to implement the changes to their learning programme required to help engage sales staff and reduce attrition rates, meaning that they struggled to make any meaningful changes to improve their programme. They knew that to improve engagement with their sales team, they needed a new, more flexible LMS to give them the freedom to innovate.

The Solution

Finding an open source solution to give them all the flexibility they needed was very important to Terminix, especially as they were unsure about the exact scope of the project. They knew that they didn’t want to work with a big corporate LMS vendor, and described their decision to work with Moonami as a ‘no brainer’. Moonami suggested that Totara Learn would tick all of Terminix’s boxes, and work on the platform started in April 2016.

There were several key requirements. Firstly, the solution had to be easy to use for Terminix’s blue-collar audience, many of whom may not be familiar with an LMS. It also needed to be mobile-enabled to allow employees to access just-in-time learning. Terminix wasn’t interested in getting a flashy solution –they just wanted a platform that engaged employees, but with the option to upgrade if things were going well.

The learning platform, called Terminix Academy, delivers a lot of safety and compliance training, as Terminix is governed by the US Department of Agriculture–another Totara customer. Making the switch to Totara Learn meant migrating safety certification and tracking from a paper-based process to the LMS. Around 15 previously paper-based forms are now available on the LMS to make them more easily accessible for the entire audience, including field technicians who would typically have to complete around 8-10 of these forms a month. This has significantly improved the efficiency of this process, as managers can now run reports via the LMS to find out what safety teams need to do rather than reaching out to specific branches for paper resources.

Terminix Academy homepage

Initially, the LMS was designed for new sales professionals to help with onboarding –an audience of around 200-300 employees a month. This involved setting up learning plans for new starters, with several e-learning modules and a four-day onsite classroom workshop. However, once Terminix saw the potential of Totara Learn, they opened the platform up to everyone, as people elsewhere in the organisation were requesting access.

Moonami helped Terminix set up hierarchies and audiences to ensure that leaders at all levels of the organisation had access to data about their teams. This gives leaders the flexibility to drill down to specific branches, teams or regions to find the data they need to improve performance across the organisation.

The content of the platform covers a wide range of topics, including pest control, safe driving, technical training, soft skills, leadership skills, and sales training, making Totara Learn an integral part of Terminix’s training process. This is provided in the form of e-learning, checklists, an increasing number of videos and job aid resources for extra performance support.

The Result

Initially, there were concerns that it would be difficult to get technicians using Terminix Academy; however, it has worked so well in the field that it has been welcomed with open arms across the board. Learners love that the platform is readily available, dependable and easy to access –there is no need to go into a Terminix branch to access learning content when it is all available on their phones on the job.

There are currently over 10,000 active users of Terminix Academy, 1,000 courses comprising 4,000 modules and around 200 instructor-led courses from December 2016 to today. In addition, Terminix estimates that they have saved upwards of 30 hours a month by moving their paper-based forms onto Terminix Academy –around 360 hours a year.

Totara Learn LMS Terminix

The fact that Totara Learn is open source has also been a big plus for Terminix, as it is highly adaptable  and meets the needs of the business without spending weeks on coding workarounds for simple additions. Terminix has also taken full advantage of the freedom of choice offered by the Totara Partner network –along with working with Moonami for the main Totara Learn solution, they are also working with Synegen to implement the Terminix Academy with their franchise owners, allowing them to benefit from the expertise of two Totara Partners.

"We didn't want to pay for a lot of functionality we didn't need, so we wanted an open source solution to help us save on the cost of a traditional proprietary LMS. We didn't need the Cadillac of learning platforms - we wanted something flexible and sustainable because I had a feeling that Terminix would jump on board and want to craft this into the exact solution we needed...and I was right!"

 Ashley Pollock, Director of Training and Development, Terminix