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Tesco Academy delivers over £1m savings per annum

The Challenge

Tesco is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer with headquarters in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

When Tesco was commissioning its new LMS solution, three criteria stood out:

  • for its staff the new online learning portal had to deliver a great user experience
  • for the learning teams, it had to allow sophisticated management of programmes
  • for the business, it needed to be a cost-effective solution, avoiding per-user licence fees

The reason? With the platform needing to scale to meet the learning needs of over 400,000 staff across Tesco's global businesses, a per-user fee model was out of the question. 

Tesco LMS

The Solution

Kineo worked closely with Tesco’s Academy team to enhance the user experience through a set of high impact and customisable page templates. These simplified page layouts were designed to be easily updated and to provide content and links to drive demand to the site.

Tesco’s shopping list of requirements were mostly met by Totara's extended functionality:

  • Learning paths
  • Online course booking
  • Wait-listing
  • Manager approvals
  • Course feedback
  • Sophisticated reporting

However, one key additional requirement was for a user-friendly management tool to set up training programmes for individuals, specific job roles or business units and to manage reminders, mandatory learning and re-accreditations.

It was clear from the outset that Tesco’s needs were similar to many other organisations. Sven Laux, Kineo’s Technology Director, proposed that these new requirements be incorporated into the core Totara Learn product, benefiting both Tesco and Totara. For Tesco, the upside was getting new functionality maintained in the core product and for Totara it was investment and testing with a leading corporate client.

Licence to scale?

Tesco had been interested in exploring open source technology and its ability to reduce the costs of software ownership for some time. Totara’s cost-effective subscription model and rich suite of functionality seemed ideal. Working with Kineo and their hosting partners Rackspace, Tesco addressed many of the common concerns around open source products such as enterprise-level hosting with full security and extended support from the Kineo support team.

The Results

Totara Learn has been rolled out to Tesco’s senior managers across all countries as well as to retailing services with further expansion planned.

In addition to reducing costs significantly by over £1m per annum, Totara has delivered on the promise of ease of use, sophisticated programme management and an engaging learner experience. The feedback from the learners has been positive at all levels. Examples include:

This is a great tool…really supporting me as a manager.

Senior Buyer, Food

At last a system that delivers what it promises.” 

Commercial Director

It’s so clear and simple.” 

HR Director

This is a great tool, really supporting me to get my guys on courses relevant to their needs and I can see this can only add benefit.

Senior Merchandising Planning Manager