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Totara Learn delivers learning compliance to UDG Healthcare's global workforce

UDG Healthcare is a global leader in healthcare advisory, communications, commercial, clinical and packaging services employing over 8,500 people in 25 countries. 

The Challenge

As a FTSE 250 company, UDG Healthcare is required to ensure good governance and be able to demonstrate this through compliance activities. The company sets high-standards in its business practices and understands that compliance not only helps prevent unethical behaviour and violations of the law, it adds value to the business. 

UDG Healthcare code of conduct

UDG Healthcare have been using e-learning to support its compliance training & management requirements for several years and it created its first version of the ComplianceCentre platform for the business in 2014. The centre was built to rollout training related in compliance subjects such as data protection, code of conduct and anti-bribery, and needed to track completions by employees.

The initial platform worked well for a number of years but rapid growth in the business, the introduction of new business systems and quality processes required a fully managed solution that would more easily deliver the training to a global audience. It also needed to align with IT policy and strict standards of operation – ISO27001 equivalent.

The Solution

UDG Healthcare engaged Enovation in June 2017 to implement Totara Learn as a dedicated healthcare LMS as an upgrade to the ComplianceCentre. The key requirements of the new version were to:

  • Manage the delivery of online compliance training for a large cohort of users across different divisions and in multiple languages. The first training programme to be rolled out was a new Code of Conduct for the business.
  • Provide a secure, robust learning platform with guaranteed levels of uptime and monitored on a 24x7 basis.
  • Migrate all compliance training records for users to review and for management across the business to report against.
  • Provide a policy repository that employees can look up as they require.
  • Integrate with existing businesses IT systems so that:
    • Employees can access the platform seamlessly using single sign on.
    • Organisational changes in the form of existing employees moving roles, new employees coming into the business and employees leaving the business are automatically updated, added or suspended through a webservices integration with HR systems.
    • New acquisitions can easily be incorporated into the new system.

In November 2017, the new ComplianceCentre was launched and immediately accessible to business operations across North America, Europe and Asia. 

UDG Healthcare lms low res

Employees can view the system in their preferred language and, where available, the training material was presented to them in this language also.

As new employees join the organisation or move to new divisions within it, the relevant compliance training is assigned and their progress status monitored through management/ LMS reporting that reflects the business structure – by division, country and company.

At the same time the new UDG Healthcare Code of Conduct module, the primary compliance document for the business, was rolled out. Employees were given ninety days to complete the training which consisted of four activities, including an introductory video by the CEO. Compliance officers and management within the business monitored completion status, with restrictions in place to ensure that access was only permitted to records within their view.

The Result

The new ComplianceCentre has significantly reduced the administration and management overhead for compliance training within UDG Healthcare. Where previously there was restricted administration and reporting capabilities, role-based reporting rules in Totara allows reports to be run across different businesses and at each country level and lower – a significant improvement.

UDG Healthcare results

Additionally, the handling of multiple languages within Totara has meant that reporting across the business on each compliance subject is more efficient than previously and is performed independently of the language the course is delivered in.

For employees, the simple presentation and use of personalized LMS dashboards to enable access to new courses and the latest policies, has been very well received. Progressing through course materials that become available as prerequisite learning is completed, is intuitive for employees while the ability for them to view their history of completed training is an important addition.

“The New ComplianceCentre has achieved and surpassed our expectations. Feedback across the board has been very positive and Enovation have been our partner every step of the way. Together with our internal and third-party teams, they have facilitated a seamless integration with existing enterprise authentication and HR systems. We are now working to extend the platform to incorporate other Learning & Development initiatives across other business. We are confident that with the professional and expert support of Enovation, ComplianceCentre can meet our needs well into the future. “

Eleanor Garvey, Head of Quality & Compliance, UDG Healthcare