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Tourism New Zealand boosts global sales with a Totara Learn platform used in 26 markets worldwide

Tourism New Zealand is the organisation responsible for marketing New Zealand to the world as a tourist destination. The main tool we use to do this is the 100% Pure New Zealand marketing campaign which has evolved over the past 18 years to make New Zealand one of the world's most well-respected tourism brands.

The Challenge

Tourism New Zealand needed a global platform to host the digital component of its 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme—used to train travel sellers across 26 countries in eight different languages on how to better sell New Zealand as a holiday destination.

It needed to include a function that allowed Tourism New Zealand’s trade team to track the real-time progress and performance of travel sellers enrolled in the programme across the different markets. It also needed to be simple enough for everyone to use, and to track their own progress through the blended learning programme.

The Solution

Tourism New Zealand LMS


Tourism New Zealand was already using Totara Learn to deliver its online training; however an upgrade of both the system and the programme itself presented an opportunity to enhance the online component of the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme.

Through a combination of customisations and extensive configuration, the system grew into what is now a highly adapted Totara Learm site that operates across markets and languages to deliver a learning and performance system like no other.

The key customisations that enable the system to work effectively relate to the reporting of information and the linkages with the website. Additional components related to user progression through the modules and programme also contribute to this. Configuration included the setup of 185 audiences, over 50 dashboards and 100 certifications in eight different languages.

Tourism New Zealand Totara

The system is externally hosted by Synapsys, but is intricately linked with Tourism New Zealand's own website and web services. It pulls across data fields and company information from a separate system, allowing users and market managers to enter custom information in the website that can be used directly in Totara Learn. There’s no single sign-on for users as they work for literally hundreds of different companies across the 26 markets around the world.

Tourism New Zealand Totara Learning

Results are displayed on manager’s dashboards that let them track how they are performing against their KPIs. These results are generated from a range of data sources, including fields, custom fields, and from an external database. 

Logos and certificates are provided to the specialists through the Totara platform as they progress through each tier of the programme, enhancing the user experience.

“Thanks to Totara Learn we were able to improve the delivery of our global trade training programme."
- Paul Trowell, Trade Development Manager, Tourism New Zealand 

The Results

Tourism New Zealand Totara LMS

The Totara Learn site delivers the required training to all 26 markets in eight languages. Users are able to register to join the programme online and the rules push them content in the appropriate language based on the information they provide.

Market managers can easily access a range of reports from their dashboard that measure results against the organisation’s KPIs. Over 250,000 courses have been completed using the system and over 6,000 agents globally are now able to better sell New Zealand holidays to their clients thanks to the system. Market managers can also now approve details of trips and in-person training, and measure their market’s performance against others directly from their dashboard.