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US Beef doubled the number of employees that can be trained simultaneously for increased training efficiency

US Beef is the largest franchisee of Arby’s Restaurant Group. The US Beef footprint today serves guests in 330 restaurants across eight contiguous Midwest and Western US states.

The Challenge: Moving on from a labor intensive program

US Beef the challenge Kineo Totara

Historically, US Beef used a structured ‘mentored apprenticeship’ model that saw trainees undergo a six-week paper based program working directly with training managers. The program was delivered in three two-week phases, each addressing approximately 5-10 skills areas.

The program consisted of training managers leading trainees through observations, practical exercises and evaluating trainee's ability to perform the skills needed as restaurant managers. Although the program delivered results, it was a very laver intensive process and required highly skilled training managers to assess trainees at each stage of the program. The program also required significant paperwork upkeep and organisation from training managers.

The Solution

US beef solution kineo totara

Kineo partnered with US Beef to expand their current MTP in order to create a new approach to training. The programme needed to; better suit the culture of US Beef, be rolled out on a wider scale and more efficient.

With the implementation of a customised Totara Learn US Beef were able to introduce the significant technology support that the MTP needed. This included:

  • Trainees accessing and completing skills areas online
  • Tracking trainees progress and completed courses
  • Customised courses in compliance, professional skills and leadership to prepare trainees for US Beef franchises
  • Supporting HR with performance management 

The LMS also incorporated customisation so that the enhanced program was simplistic enough for both trainee and training managers to use. Customisations such as:

  • Clear dashboards
  • Summary of the learning plan with US Beef-specific appraisals and assessments process incorporated
US Beef Totara LMS

Results: A more efficient program

US Beef has seen excellent results from its Totara Learn so far. Training Managers can now train twice as many trainees simultaneously as with the previous system, making the training process much more efficient.

Senior Leaders and Training Coordinators in the organisation now have greater visibility into employee progress. Training Managers now require less support from District Managers owing to the more robust structure and support.

As well as this, US Beef and Kineo won a Gold award in the Best Blended Learning category in the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

"When Kineo said they wanted to submit our MTP for an award, we were really excited. Not because we thought we would win, but because they’re such a great partner, and it made us feel confident knowing Kineo had that level of pride in our project. So many people worked tirelessly on this assignment." – Bo Davis, US Beef chief operating officer, who led this initiative.