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VRT gives employees, freelancers and temporary staff control over their own learning

The Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie (Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organization), or VRT, is the national public-service broadcaster for the Flemish Region and Community of Belgium.

The Challenge

Several years ago, the training and development team at VRT was very large. It produced a huge amount of traditional face-to-face training, and learners (around 2,300 employees and 1,000 freelancers) used to ‘go shopping’ for courses, whereby they would sign up for training that looked interesting rather than thinking about their actual learning objectives.

The committee  at VRT knew that this scattergun approach wasn’t ideal, and the training department decided to take a radical new approach to learning across the organisation.

They knew that they needed structure, a more user-friendly solution and a way to guide people to the training that would benefit them, rather than just signing up for anything that looked interesting.

VRT Totara LMS

The Solution

After collaborating with their IT department to create a list of requirements for the new LMS, VRT went out to tender, and they selected Deloitte Learning Solutions’ Totara Learn recommendation as the best option.

What set Deloitte’s approach apart from other vendors’ was the guarantee that they could tailor the platform to VRT’s specific needs, make it user friendly and offer a more personalised learning experience.

VRT’s previous platform was too large, too difficult to use and didn’t have the flexibility required, and VRT liked that Totara Learn would allow them to offer self-service training without pushing everyone into a full-blown course - this was wasting a lot of time, especially when learners had relatively simple questions they needed answered.

VRT knew that their new LMS needed a ‘sexy front end’, and that an ‘ugly back end’ mattered less, as the user experience was most important for this LMS. It also needed to be very visually appealing and fit in with the VRT brand, and had to be interactive to stimulate user engagement.

Deloitte Learning Solutions and VRT worked together to populate the LMS with content ranging from video tutorials, blogs and resources designed for self-service access. They also changed the way the platform was set up, so that instead of users self-enrolling on any course they thought looked interesting, they were encouraged to contact the training team for recommendations and guidance for a more tailored service. 

VRT Training platform

We encourage people to first of all start a rich dialogue with their leaders so that they can agree on the development challenges for that individual, the team or department. Then we come in to help them find the right solution for their problem.

The platform was set up to inspire both employees and freelancers alike, with most content, which covers everything from technical training to soft skills, set up to be open and visible to everyone. However, some more specialist content, such as resources specifically for leaders, was added into closed communities set up with Totara Learn’s audience functionality so that discussions could take place in confidence.

VRT also made use of the language packs in Totara Learn to present both Dutch and English content.


VRT Totara Learn LMS

VRT’s soft launch of their new Totara Learn platform has been going well, with the official company-wide launch taking place in October. The aim of the platform is to encourage employees and freelancers alike to take responsibility for their own learning and development. The platform will initially be available to VRT’s 2,300 employees and 1,000 freelancers, but there are plans to open it up to an even wider audience in future.

VRT is delighted with their partnership with Deloitte Learning Solutions. They have experienced great co-creation, with the talent and development team and IT teams working together with Deloitte to develop the right solution.

VRT also appreciates that Deloitte were willing to challenge them based on their wealth of experience with other Totara customers, helping VRT realise their overall vision and mission of building a user-friendly, flexible, self-service learning platform for use across the organisation.

"We are very happy with the co-creation between Deloitte and several departments within our own company. This co-creation has lead to a very userfriendly, VRT-branded platform, that offers a wide range of possibilities that fit with the organisation and the learning strategy."

Sara Hermans, Expert Talent & Ontwikkeling HR, VRT