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VÚB Banka engages 90% of employees in just six months to improve compliance in the heavily regulated finance sector

VÚB Banka is the second largest bank in Slovakia, and is part of the Italy-based Intesa Sanpaolo Group. They have over 1.2 million clients, and their vision is to be the best bank in Slovakia for customer satisfaction while maintaining excellence in profitability and operating efficiency.

The Challenge

VÚB Banka had been using a small outdated LMS, which had outgrown it and needed something which better suited their new requirements. They wanted to improve learning throughout the bank and raise standards to help them achieve their vision.

They decided it was time to move to a new LMS to enable them to deliver e-learning content and face-to-face training to more than 3,400 employees in banks across Slovakia. VUB Banka decided to change the LMS to bring their employees a modern dynamically developing platform for acquiring new professional and social skills.

The primary goal is to bring such content and form of education that is attractive for people and to stimulate appetite to self-learning. One to the main motivators for VUB Banka to move to Totara Learn was the big community of users which brings the assumption that there will be very dynamic development and integration of new trends in education on a regular basis.


The Solution

VÚB Banka decided they wanted their new learning platform to be built on Totara Learn, as this was the LMS already used by their majority shareholder, Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

At the same time, e-learnmedia had been looking for a cost-effective, open source platform to offer its clients. When they discovered that VÚB Banka were looking to migrate their platform to Totara Learn, e-learnmedia decided it was time to become Totara Partners to enable them to deliver a platform for VÚB Banka.

VÚB Banka wanted to integrate the new LMS with their HR system in order to transfer such information which could in best way manage training and developing its employees. This integration needed to facilitate two-way communications between the systems, with the HR system sending data about users and organisational structure and the LMS sending information about course completions with additional information. The HR Import functionality in Totara Learn ensures that the two systems talk to each other effectively, saving time on administration.

Totara Learn is also suitable for VÚB Banka’s needs because it enables them to manage their face-to-face training in much complex way as old LMS system. This, combined with the e-learning courses they upload to the LMS, means they can deliver a blended learning experience through a single platform. The e-learning covers topics such as compliance for the highly regulated banking industry, banking products, internal guidelines and onboarding training for new employees.

The key features e-learnmedia implemented for this solution include hierarchies and dynamic audiences to ensure the right people get the right learning, and learning plans to ensure everyone progresses along the most suitable learning path. They also developed for them custom reports, which wasn`t possible to create using standard Report builder, to ensure that managers and learning administrators have access to all the information they need.

The LMS also makes use of plugins which were originally developed for Moodle which are compatible with Totara Learn, including enrolment plugins for further customisation of the platform. They also make use of single sign-on to make the integration between the LMS and the HR system as seamless as possible.

VUB Bank Totara

The Results

VÚB Banka are very happy with their new Totara Learn, which launched in May 2016. Some courses have already been completed by more than 3,000 employees – almost 90% of the organisation’s 3,400 employees – which has had a very positive influence on compliance.

Onboarding has also become much more transparent and organised, making this process much faster and more effective. Employees get to grips with Totara Learn very quickly, enabling them to progress faster through the organisation’s onboarding programme.

They are particularly pleased with the fact that Totara Learn is open source, as it means that e-learnmedia can work with them to develop a solution that perfectly meets their requirements. From 2017, they also plan to use different dashboards for different groups of employees, meaning everyone has access to relevant content at all times.

Next, VÚB Banka would like to upgrade to Totara Learn version 9, and they continue to be very active members of the Totara Community, using it to learn from others and find out more about the product – another major benefit of the open source model.

"We chose Totara Learn after a long process of analysing available materials and information from the learning community, so this was not a hasty decision. After a year of very intensive use, we can confirm that we made the right decision, and made our training and development activities more effective and productive.

"As we have previously used old LMSs, we appreciate the intuitive, user-friendly interface of Totara Learn. We can also provide all learning in one place for different groups of users with different needs." – Viliam Hakala, L&D Manager of ROS & Martin Šimčík, Learning specialist