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The organization and implementation of Totara Learn at ZONL

Zorggroep Oude and Nieuwe Land (ZONL) is the largest healthcare provider and employer in the municipalities of Noordoostpolder, Urk and Steenwijkerland in The Netherlands. Approximately 1,600 employees work at ZONL and more than 1,000 volunteers support the organization.

The Challenge

ZONL wants to facilitate and support employees in their development and to be able to follow the progress of their development. Consequently, they decided to work with a learning management system.

They chose Totara Learn because this system, from the Proof of Concepts of three providers, turned out to be the most user-friendly learning platform for their employees.

The Solution

Totara Partner Atrivision believed that Totara’s learning management system offered everything ZONL needed to manage learning within the organization, and all in ZONL’s corporate identity, with a consistent, branded look and feel.


Firstly, Atrivision ensured that ZONL’s HR data was automatically integrated into their Totara Learn platform, including employee, organization and job data. This reduced manual learning admin, and made the platform much more user-friendly for LMS administrators.

In addition to this, they also ensured that the platform would be user-friendly for end users. Atrivision implemented single sign-on to reduce the number of passwords learners have to remember. They simply use their ZONL account password to access the system, thus removing a common challenge when it comes to learner engagement.

Several courses have also been assigned to groups of learners automatically based on their job role, meaning that learners can focus purely on completing their assigned learning and not trawling through the system to find what they need. Employees can also self-enroll for other courses, making it easy for the most engaged learners to go above and beyond their required learning. ZONL’s newly purchased e-learning modules are also monitored via the LMS, along with the employees’ progress.

The existing classroom courses within ZONL have been transferred to Totara Learn, where users can enroll themselves in courses. This brings all learning management into one place, and managers can keep track of classroom attendance within the LMS for a clear overview.

Quality assurance is maintained by marking competencies and skills in the LMS, which is made immediately clear to the relevant teams and managers via a simple report.

The Results

The response to ZONL’s new LMS, Totara Learn, have been very positive. The implementation of the learning management system was completed in the first half of 2017. The platform is being used actively, and organizing and directing courses has been greatly simplified. The feedback of the employees that are working with the systems has been great so far!

"Good project, fast pace, good results with a nice perspective," according to Marike Spijker and Jeanet de Vries, functional managers of the learning management system within ZONL.