How keeping on a regular upgrade cycle will maximize system security and give you access to the most valuable features

Nothing in business has been as constant as change. But 2020 drastically altered how many organizations define "change."

The Prisoner's Dilemma is known in game theory in which each side can choose to either cooperate or switch sides.

The five workplace disruptors are inextricably linked. Tackling each in isolation will have value, but the more of these disruptors you can address, the bigger the impact will be.

Many roles are being phased out as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which harnesses digitalization and increasingly complex, sophisticated technology, takes hold.

Gone are the days of reliably planning far ahead in business. In the last few years, constant uncertainty has led to the shortening of business planning cycles from five years, to three, to one and now even three-month plans.

Over one-third of US workers participate in the gig economy, through either their primary or secondary roles, and more than 85% of these gig workers intend to continue into the next five years.

The amount of technology we use each day is growing and changing rapidly.

Until relatively recently, many organizations have been skeptical about remote working. Managers don’t always trust their people to have the self-discipline or motivation to be productive at home or away from an office, so many have insisted on having people come to the office every day.

No matter how quickly we thought the workplace was changing, nothing can compare to the seismic shift experienced in 2020.

Over the years, we’ve seen many LMS migrations take place in the Totara Partner network.

As you will be aware, the global coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is proving challenging for businesses and individuals.

Totara is a highly modular learning platform that uses a wide variety of plugins and advanced features to allow you to scale up or down in line with your changing needs.

When looking for a new learning management system, there is a multitude of questions that must be asked, starting with: What do I need my LMS to be able to do to allow us to reach our learning goals? However, one initial consideration that people often

Last week the Totara team was joined in Wellington, Totara’s headquarters, by over 100 users and partners to collaborate and share ideas on how Totara is being used in workplaces across New Zealand and further afield. 

It should come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever that we’re pretty big fans of open source here at Totara.

Remember that old adage “No one gets fired for buying IBM”? This essentially described the safe choice of technology, the default position for most organisations.

Totara Learning recently released Version 12 of the popular open source learning management system, Totara Learn, which includes a brand new feature - the Content Marketplace. 

Totara Learn 12 now gives you access to a range of free and paid-for learni

Time after time, we hear stories about organisations who sign a lengthy contract with a learning technology provider, only to find that a year into the contract, their requirements have changed to the extent that the learning platform or software no lon