Imagine you’re a Product Marketing Manager being bombarded with requests from sales, marketing, product, executive and help teams:

Gamification in the workplace can be a double-edged sword.

Corporate e-learning exploded last year from being an (almost) optional training tool, to the complete “toolbox” that every corporate training program relied on.

The last year has created a unique set of challenges for US government agencies.

COVID-19 has caused a huge change in how many of us are working and learning. As a result, you might be asking yourself what you need going forward? An LMS or an LXP?

Employee engagement strategies have never been more important.

The global pandemic has caused huge changes to the working lives of millions of people. More than 40% of Americans have changed jobs, and reskilling and upskilling continues to be critical.

With many of us changing how we work due to the lockdown, many people might be training virtually for the first time.

Social learning remains one of the most misunderstood components of the modern workplace learning strategy.

The New Zealand government was an early adopter of Totara, with over 80,000 users accessing learning via Totara Learn across 10 government departments. 

This is a guest post from Kineo Israel's Rotem Landesman.