eThink Academy Offers “Nurturing Your Totara Courses” to Help Totara Users Bring Their Learning Experience To The Next Level

By Kate Dwyer, eThink Education

This spring, eThink Education, 2018 Totara Global Partner of the Year, launched eThink Academy which expands on eThink's current training offerings to clients and provides training courses to the general public. 

eThink Academy offers a variety of short form, workshop and custom training packages on a variety of topics to help learning professionals maximise the functionality, design, and effectiveness of their LMS. Additionally, eThink Academy provides a space that fosters active communication and where learning professionals can learn, network, collaborate and innovate with others within their course cohort. 

eThink Academy begins a new Totara specific course offering Nurturing Your Totara Course on September 24. Nurturing Your Totara Courses is a 4-week workshop series that will explore how you can build a robust learning experience for all users in Totara. This course is built around the idea that a user's current SCORM content is the seed in their garden. After exploring various Totara content types in this course, participants will be in a position to enable their Totara courses to bloom and be better prepared to tend to a robust course that provides end users with a high-quality learning experience. 

Nurturing Your Totara Courses consists of eight modules that are paired with 'webinar workshops' over the course of four weeks. Following a 30-minute kick-off webinar that will provide an overview of the sessions to come, participants will gain access to a few modules at a time within a supplemental course. In the following four weeks, the course facilitator will hold a 1-hour webinar to cover each of the key points of those modules and hold open and interactive discussions on those topics where members of the course can interact as well as ask questions of the course facilitators. 

Participants can expect to spend approximately 2-4 hours per week between the webinars engaging with the supporting content and activities and working to cultivate changes in a course that they have already designed or are managing. By the end of Nurturing Your Totara Courses, participants will be well-positioned to tend to their own thriving Totara courses. 

Learn more about Nurturing Your Totara Courses or register for the courses here. 

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