Four reasons to join the Totara Partner Program

Our Partner network is integral to the success of Totara. We select only the very best Totara Partners to join us in our mission to give organizations worldwide the freedom to learn.

Our highly competitive subscription pricing model empowers Totara Partners globally to quickly build a sustainable revenue stream with direct access to the Totara support team, including your own dedicated Channel Partner Manager, the marketing team and in-house product and training experts.

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Four Reasons to Join the Totara Partner Program

  1. It will boost your revenue - You can focus on your core capabilities to create the value-add services that will help your business make money. Whether that means hosting, tailored configurations, integrations, or anything else, Totara Partners benefit from the ability to leverage the flexibility and versatility of Totara to monetise their existing strengths. All revenue-generating opportunities for value-add services around Totara solutions are yours to keep, with none of the overhead of maintaining a proprietary platform. 

  2. It's fast and easy for you - Our job is your success. And success is getting your services to your clients as soon as you join the Totara Partner Program. Immediately after joining, we will directly work with you to get your team up and running. With a comprehensive onboarding program to quickly get your sales, marketing, customer success and product teams knowledgable and engaged with core Totara solutions. With our range of self-paced courses, direct engagement across the entire Totara support team, and a partner portal with easy-to-use marketing resources, your team will be ready to speak to prospective Totara customers in no time. With the Totara team guiding you every step of the way, we make it easy for you to capitalise on the benefits of the partnership.
  3. Your developers will love Totara - Totara products are designed to be easy and not just for end users, but for developers. Your developers will have the freedom to innovate and craft the platform into whatever they need it to be, and the open source model means that they can take advantage of existing plugins and extensions created by the Totara community to save you time and give you head start. 
  4. Totara supports the growing partner network - We're committed to assisting partners to expand the reach of their own brand within the Totara ecosystem. Whether that means including product extensions they regularly work with to build a customer's ideal learning solution, to offering opportunities for joint marketing ventures to grow your brand, Totara is dedicated to assisting partners where possible. 

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Interested in seeing how we help Totara Partners?

If you're in North America, Totara Learning and a team of our expert Platinum and extension partners will be exhibiting at DevLearn 2019 in Las Vegas October 23 - 25. Or, if you're in APAC, feel free to purchase a ticket to the New Zealand Totara User Conference in Wellington this August.

ATD 2019 Partner Network

Want to learn more about our products and the types of projects Totara Partners work on?

Ready to join the Totara ecosystem? 

Totara Learning is now accepting applications for new partners to join - are you ready?


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