How to integrate Totara Learn and Microsoft Teams for online learning

By Iris Vermeren

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the lives of millions of people around the world. It has affected how we work, how we socialize and how we learn. Face-to-face training has stopped, yet companies need to continue to educate and support users whilst they work from home.

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Already, we are seeing how solutions that enable remote work and learning across video have become central to the way we work. Thankfully, Totara Learn can help you connect, engage and train your users wherever they are.

If you need to replace face-to-face training with online delivery, you can use Microsoft Teams within Totara Learn to create online meeting spaces. What’s even better is that it supports desktop, web, and mobile devices as well as providing a dial-in option for phones.

The NHS in the UK for example has free access to Microsoft Teams during the coronavirus crisis. With over 40+ NHS Trusts using Totara as their learning management system integration between the two platforms has never been so important and beneficial.

To find out how you can set up and integrate Teams with Totara Learn, our Totara Partner Think Learning has put together a step-by-step guide.

Teams and Totara Learn guide


Microsoft Teams and Totara for online learning

To find out how you can set up and integrate Microsoft Teams with Totara Learn, download the PDF below.