The exponential impact of addressing the five workplace disruptors

By Lars Hyland
Ashley Pollock from Terminix standing with her arms folded in front of a busy conference

The five workplace disruptors are inextricably linked. Tackling each in isolation will have value, but the more of these disruptors you can address, the bigger the impact will be.

For instance, improving the remote work experience improves communication with contract workers. Getting more adept at dealing with change rapidly improves your ability to detect and fill skills gaps at speed. Improving your technology ecosystem facilitates the reskilling process and helps you support your remote workers. 

The five workplace disruptors diagram

With the right technology underpinning your people strategy, you will have the resilience to stay afloat no matter what happens. Whether it’s obtaining a whole new skillset, adapting to unexpected and fast-changing business circumstances, managing remotely or anything else, adaptable, flexible technology, an agile mindset and the ability to support your entire blended workforce, whoever and wherever they are, is what you need to deliver the right talent experience and thrive.

Totara’s Talent Experience Platform unites learning, engagement and performance to help organizations like yours stay on top of these workplace disruptors, both now and long into the future. This ensures you can adapt to business challenges virtually as they happen, as well as keeping your workforce upskilled, engaged and equipped with all the knowledge they need to drive success.

Technology is driving rapid change in all aspects of our lives - and the impact of technology in the workplace has never been greater. Remote working has become standard for most organizations, requiring an urgent need to find more flexible ways to carry out your performance management processes. 

On top of this, you are increasingly dealing with a blended workforce, comprising employees, contractors and your extended supply chain and sales channels, presenting a whole new engagement challenge. Such unprecedented change demands regular reskilling, helping you ensure that your people can perform productively to constantly meet new challenges.

While this may seem like a mammoth task, the good news is that by combining learning, engagement and performance in a single integrated platform, you have the power to tackle all three challenges at once. With Totara’s Talent Experience Platform, focusing on one workplace challenge also has an impact on the others, helping you raise learning, engagement and performance across the board while minimizing additional costs, time and effort.

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