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A1 Telekom Austria Group provides five-star compliance training for 10,000 users

A1 Telekom Austria Group (A1) is a telecommunications company and provider of a range of fixed-line, broadband Internet, multimedia services, data, and IT solutions, wholesale as well as mobile payment solutions. Its headquarters are in Vienna. The company operates subsidiaries in eight European countries: Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia.

The Challenge

For their customers A1 represents a modern and agile organisation. Clearly,  their learning processes had to be perceived just as positively by their employees, as their brand is by their customers. A1 was searching for a flexible, complete learning management system, which can suit its international presence and support the professional development of its employees in Europe.

As you can guess, A1 already used a learning management system and there was a clear vision of how the new system should be. 

  • Implement and migrate all existing learning contents
  • Implement and migrate all existing users from the previous LMS design a modern, user-centric surface which learners enjoy to use
  • Flexible multitenancy structure for A1 Telekom Austria Group and all subsidiaries
  • On-demand training for the employees
  • Flexible dashboards for the learners
  • Course rating system

The Solution

There has been a lot of challenges through the development phase of the new A1 e-learning campus. LearnChamp had the pleasure to work with a strong team from all subsidiaries of A1 and that was key for the success of the project. They shared a vision and a goal and managed those together as a team.

learning A1 totara

First A1 started with the import of the user data. As you can guess, the sources where different for each country. LearnChamp had to develop a way to check the data for consistency and sync it on a daily basis. Using the possibilities of the HR-Import of Totara Learn and developing a synchronisation and quality check plugin for each source before delivering this data to Totara, giving A1 the most of Totara’s powerful user management functionalities.

course A1

In regards to the design of the portal, LearnChamp focused on an intuitive user experience. A major contributor to a great UX was the the implementation of SSO for all users, including external partners and internal employees. Moreover, emphasis was put on the freedom to learn, allowing learners to decide when and where to learn by leveraging the responsive design of Totara Learn to its fullest.

login A1

But SSO and a great responsive design weren’t the only features that were implemented. Users are able to choose their interests when first logging into the system. They can always change those interests on a later point, if needed. This functionality also provides Totara with much needed data for a strong, custom developed recommendation engine. Based on course ratings (using best practices like 5-star ratings for each course), interests, visited and completed course, the eCampus provides suggestions for the continuous professional development of learners. The users can even filter in the course catalog by courses according to their course ratings, if they need more than the suggested courses.

Totara, when set up correctly, delivers high quality data through reports and web services. A1 uses this feature to deliver this data through the build- in REST web service and group-wide gamification engines in order to give the best user experience there.

The Results

  • Freedom to save: Scalable, modern learning management system for all seven countries of the A1 group.
languages totara a1
  • Compliance training at scale with up to 10,000 users taking their compliance exams at the same time.
  • Freedom to innovate: Continuous innovation possibilities for each country through an expandable multitenancy setup with Totara Learn
  • Freedom to learn: More than 1,000 courses and offers, targeted to different audiences and three-quarters rated 5 stars by employees.
  • Freedom of choice: Recommendation engine with more than 400 suggestions being made each minute according to your preferences, position, learning history.

“We changed our LMS to Totara because of the advantage of open source. We need individual pages to get a better user experience. A big point for us was the flexibility of the system especially in realise our idea of interest-based recommendations. We will use more self-motivated learning 'gadgets' in Totara like badges and rankings. We know the kind we are looking for are not in the core Totara product, but as an open source tool it is possible to make our ideas a reality.”

Markus Stehle, Digital Learning Consultant, Project Lead A1