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Banco Patagonia implement Totara learning platform in record time

Banco Patagonia has 90+ years of experience in the financial market in Argentina built on top of a series of banks with historical presence in Argentina. The distinguished service-oriented focus is its key competitive benefits in the regional market. 

The Challenge

Responsible of the training & development of more than 3.000 colleagues in all the bank branches and HQ offices, the L&D team at Banco Patagonia was searching for a flexible platform to efficiently manage the corporate learning strategy.

When they defined the requirements for this project, one of the key points was the possibility of a dynamic integration of Totara and the HR system to migrate data and registries of thousands of users.

At Kineo, long term support after the initial launch is part of our DNA, and this implementation required of well-coordinated teamwork with different department in our client’s HQ office.

The Solution

Intuitive Learning

From day one, our developers worked to create a tailored platform customized to Banco Patagonia’s corporate image. The intuitive interface opened a great learning experience for the users, and for the L&D team, Totara Lean empowers them to manager these learning experiences with an efficient system. Continuing with accessibility, by incorporating the SAML2 plugin, the SSL or Single Sign On login process now allows seamless access from their own control panel.

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Dynamic Integration

Totara Learn and its flexibility had the advantage for one of our client’s key points; integrating the LMS and the HR System. With the HR Sync functionality, Kineo developed a specific script to ensure formatting for all the files needed to sync automatically. Custom made fields in every user profiles and data sources were also created to highlight yet another powerful feature of the platform: Personalized reporting, allowing the L&D team the freedom to innovate.

Banco Patagonia totara

Migrating easily

Migrating content and data from thousands of users, including sensible information such as completed courses and qualifications, is always an important process. The Register of Previous Learning tool was invaluable for this task. Different control panels for users and their leaders granted the possibility of tracking any external training the employees sum to their experience, a process also automated with the External Learning Evidence functionality

Banco Patagonia totara

The Result

A successful LMS always uncovers additional benefits. With an agile, record-breaking implementation, Kineo and Banco Patagonia migrated the training registry of 3.300 users and the 29.629 completed courses. Additionally, the teams moved 168 existing courses from the old platform to Totara Learn.

The automated tasks and the integration with the HR system polished the day-to-day operations creating a great learning experience for every user in the organization.

Totara Learn’s reporting power helped impulse Banco Patagonia to the front of the new learning technologies innovation, with an L&D team now free to focus on designing precise, well-informed training strategies.

"With Totara, we can offer our employees an integrated, simple and intuitive area to manage their learning & development. Kineo and Totara helped us discover innovating learning experiences aligned with the latest trends. The implementation was seamless, with both the support team and the solution exceeding our expectations.

Romina Cacacio, L&D Manager, Banco Patagonia


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