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Compass Group trains their international catering team with DIY elearning

Compass Group is an international catering organisation. In the Netherlands, Compass Group consists of four brands. The brands specialise in facility services and catering.

Compass Group creates a challenging working environment that gives everyone the opportunity and support to develop, learn and be successful.

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The Challenge

Compass Group already had a Learning Management System (LMS), but the LMS did not meet the requirements of the organisation.

"The LMS was not automated. You had to send an email if you wanted a report because the reports had to be created manually. E-learning modules had to be assigned manually to the right people. There were no learning paths or automated invitations. It needed to be more efficient."

In addition, there was a desire to develop content themselves. "Having e-learning developed is expensive and an employee can often explain the process better than an e-learning developer. The development of e-learning offered us too little flexibility, was labour-intensive and expensive. You almost had to build a business case to have one e-learning module developed."

The Solution

In order to arrive at the right solution, Compass Group has chosen to make a comparison of all relevant solutions. Totara Learn stood out because it could do everything Compass Group was looking for in an LMS:

The Results

Since August 2017, the Compass Group's online learning environment has been live.

"The implementation went well. We have many new employees every year. This makes the HR import important to us. The HR import must fit exactly. The Courseware Company was patient and supportive. Our consultant knew exactly how much work it was. You have to spend quite a bit of time on it but if you do that, it really means less work for the rest of the year." 

"With Totara Learn, we're saving a lot on training and induction costs." 

Lotte Dijkmans van Gunst, Training & Development Manager at Compass Group
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Online Learning

Through programs, Compass Group offers specific content to the right employees.

Lotte: "We have 15 different programmes, such as a receptionist, cook and assistant cook. For each position we have a different programme, each with its own courses. The courses consist of short e-learning modules of about 15 minutes."

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Since Compass Group can develop its own e-learning modules, this is also used more flexibly and efficiently. If there is a need for learning, this can be responded to more quickly. Compass Group has been using a new machine since this year. "We are now developing an e-learning module in Articulate 360. In this way, our employees can learn to operate the machine online, at a time that suits them."

In the LMS, Compass Group offers various media. "In addition to the e-learning module about the machine, the manual is also included in the LMS. For example, the LMS is the platform to go to when you are looking for (more in-depth) information."

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"Via Totara Learn, we provide all employees of Compass Group Netherlands participation and ownership about their development."

Lotte Dijkmans van Gunst, Training & Development Manager at Compass Group

The Future

Compass Group now has all online learning activities in Totara Learn. They would also like to place the other activities of the Training & Development department in the LMS.

Lotte: "Totara Learn offers many opportunities, which makes you want more and see more opportunities. We want to put all of our employees' certificates - including external training certificates - in the LMS, such as recognised cleaning certificates. This creates a personal development passport. We also want employees to see what their latest assessments are, what they can become even better at, what the possibilities are for this, and to look for and follow a training in this."

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With the help of Totara Learn, the employee becomes the owner of his own development.

Lotte: "That's quite exciting, but The Courseware Company thinks along well with us about how we should change things. For us, it's a real change in dealing with the development of your employees."

"The employees are happy to be able to follow the e-learning modules via their mobile phones. In this way, they can follow a module in the bus on their way home or at work in a quiet quarter of the hour."

Lotte Dijkmans van Gunst, Training & Development Manager at Compass Group

Collaboration is key

"The collaboration with The Courseware Company is top-notch. What I like is that I have contact with our account manager for the negotiation part and a consultant for the implementation. The helpdesk responds within one day. If you ask the question the wrong way, they will call you and you will always be able to work it out.

At The Courseware Company there is always transparency. I'm really happy with that transparency, honesty and speed. The Courseware Company is a great partner that supports us well."

"It is a strength of Totara Learn that you can adapt it to your target group. We have tried to set up the LMS as simply as possible and The Courseware Company thinks along very well with you."

Lotte Dijkmans van Gunst, Training & Development Manager at Compass Group

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