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Fluidigm exceeds business goals with Zoola Analytics & Totara Learn

Fluidigm is a public company engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of life science tools and innovative biological research equipment based on integrated fluidic circuit technology.

The Challenge

Fluidigm was employing a self-managed method of documenting employee training. Using a few different platforms, including Excel and Salesforce, to keep track of their training was unorganized, difficult to maintain, and time-consuming. The managers also had no way to create and manage learning paths for each group so those who were responsible for training were spending a majority of their work time administering, managing, and tracking training.

Without a single platform to provide a streamlined method of tracking training, there was no way to truly understand the impact training was having on performance, and the business results training was helping produce. With changing business requirements, and the need to maintain compliance with full audit capability for training, they knew it was time to find a new solution.

The Solution

Having had an in-house system which was extremely time-consuming to use, Fluidigm was on the lookout for a partner to support them through a phase of changing business requirements. Lambda Solutions was able to provide the right level of support while being able to implement a system which can support their robust reporting needs to maintain compliance.

Fluidigm LMS

Fluidigm needed a system where they could create and manage the various users and their learning paths, hierarchies access to courses through enrolment methods, assign and adapt permissions using roles systems and report on key objectives in a timely manner - all the things that Totara Learn and Zoola could allow Fluidigm to do. With the time Totara helped Fluidigm save, they focused on increasing the quality and effectiveness of their training like centralizing their programs.

With the robust reports generated, Fluidigm was able to meet all their documentation requirements, no matter how detailed or customized, in a timely manner. Fluidigm also credits Zoola for the enthusiasm that led to plans to centralize their training programs.

With the systems in sync, Fluidigm can extract any data from their production servers to build a report that allows them to assess completion statuses, effectiveness of how the material was presented, track and quantitate how information within courses was being viewed. Lott maintained that this has been especially helpful, as it allows him insight into how understandable and useable specific resources are. They can now proactively make improvements to the training.

Lambda Solutions have been providing the support and training needed for the Fluidigm team to move all of their training and compliance programs over to Totara so they can fully benefit from Zoola. Zoola’s software has extensive online documentation, training videos and example use cases to get users up and running quickly. “The considerable enthusiasm among various training groups has been overwhelming - that in itself has been a huge accomplishment.”

The Results

  • Improved learning engagement
  • Creating learning tracks for specific groups
  • Automate administering of training
  • Increase relevancy of course materials
  • Positive impact on business through reporting
  • Can quantify their impact directly affecting organizational goals.
  • Robust customized reports easily generated while meeting requirements, no matter how detailed
  • Ability to manipulate data quickly to custom create reports allows for more user-friendly reports
  • Increased employee performance
  • Trainers excited about what they do, because with detailed reports and analytics, individuals can see the impact they are making on learners/employees, and on the business in the long run.

“Already, we are seeing a growing enthusiasm for our ability to streamline and benchmark training that can be applied equally across all groups with Totara and Zoola.” – Steven Lott, Fluidigm’s Director of Clinical Education​