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Freedom Mobile Dials Up Retail Sales Training with Totara Learn

Since coming into the fold of Shaw Communications, Freedom Mobile is Canada's fourth-largest mobile network operator and continues to rapidly expand its active subscriber base across urban areas of eastern and western Canada. 

The Challenge

Freedom Mobile had switched from a self-hosted instance of Moodle to the Totara Learn hosted solution. The business-friendly learning platform enabled the wireless company to have a more robust platform and tap into features such as audience management and hierarchies, to segment training by groups and products. 

"The wireless industry is very complex and staff must constantly keep on top of the latest devices and mobile phone plans that are constantly evolving to meet consumer demands." 

Bradley Eamer, Manager of Channel Training at Freedom Mobile 

In order to support explosive growth, it was critical that Eamer's team be able to manage all aspects of their training and onboarding programs which include sales, new product, and leadership training - all on one platform. Continued Eamer, "We needed a more integrated solution at the manager level to enable leaders to sign off on training and have a more complete picture of what was going on with their stores at any given time.

The Solution 

Onboarding is never a simple process. This is compounded for those operating in the wireless mobile space as technology evolves at lightning speed, and new devices and plans are being offered all the time. In order to respond quickly to market change, Freedom Mobile was able to set up its training programs in Totara to target different groups within the company (retail salespeople, product care/support team and leadership), as well as products (Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.)

The team uses a blended approach to training, including eLearning and face-to-face training with leaders. The initial learning program trains new hires on products, services, the sales model and some product care. After applying this knowledge on the sales floor, the onboarding process is supplemented with conversations with their leader and additional coaching, and the cycle continues. Each member also goes through a 2-day Breakthrough Performance Accelerator Selling program. 


  • Previously, 75% to 85% of store managers would deliver retail new hire training properly as it was intended to be delivered but today using Totara, that has significantly increased to 90% or more. 
  • Combining all training with the 2-day Accelerator program provides one seamless onboarding experience, instead of having to manage two separate programs. 
  • Instead of taking time trying to track people and follow up with them, 1 to 2 hours per week has been saved per employee and enables the entire team's time to be used more efficiently. 
  • The retail onboarding process is much simpler, easier to manage and more streamlined. 
  • Managers are more involved and have a more accurate picture of what is happening in their stores. 

"Before Totara, the Accelerator program operated seperately from the other onboarding training pieces. Now, new hires are automatically enrolled into the Accelerator program and managers don't have to continually chase people and follow up. They can sign off on those who complete the training and it's all done right within the LMS, saving hours of time each week." 

Bradley Eamer, Manager of Channel Training, Freedom Mobile