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Iconn's 60,000 users benefit from a data-driven learning strategy

7-Eleven is a brand known and loved in 71,100 worldwide locations. Starting in 1927 with the world’s first convenience store, it offers the retail customer what they want, when and where they want it.

The Challenge

With needs ranging from compliance, supply line, and food safety to cope with a high turnover, 7-Eleven's umbrella group, Iconn, needed an effective solution to kickstart a transformative L&D experience and offer personalized UX and learning for each of the 22,000 employees. Multitenancy support, flexibility and automation are introduced by Totara and Kineo's expertise. With an outgrown and underfeatured solution for the task at hand, Iconn had an initial functionality checklist for 7-Eleven’s 15,000 users in Mexico. Their learning platform needed to have:

  • course library
  • automated audiences
  • learning plans
  • and multi-tenancy support 

This implementation had to be done online in record time.

The Solution 

Map and automate

With the freedom to innovate with an open source LMS, the first stage included the development of an SSO plugin and an automated, optimized content migration to offer responsive learning to users in 17 different states, including remote locations with varying connectivity quality. Once the data migration stage succeeded, Kineo used the multitenancy support to offer a unique UX and dashboard for every user. Given the natural high turnover rate of the retail industry, and, the ever-evolving nature of learning technology, Totara’s easy updates make it a breeze to maintain an up-to-date L&D strategy.

iconn case study

Empowering learners

Using the flexibility of Totara Learn's audience functionality (with some simple filtering and custom fields), Kineo was able to map Iconn's user data to tailor learning plans to their unique development plan journey. Using the easy-to-create custom quizzes, 7-Eleven can capture the career expectations for each team member joining the company, and map out rewarding learning experiences. The learning plan and assessment tools automate the self-assessment of leadership skills, notifies the user’s manager and they can program a quick feedback session. In addition, the performance management was overhauled and automated making the most out of the talent management tools.

Customization is paramount

The project included a full rebranding of the learning platform. Each of the group’s four companies offers a unique dashboard for three key user groups: operations, administration and trainees. Each tenant can configure the specific platform settings and functionalities as needed, giving each area the freedom to learn in a convenience store, gas station or supermarket with the correct compliance training. An example in the new trainees division is the quick and easy creation of new roles, promotions and changes. Every user has access to custom courses, certificates and automated renewal notifications. 


iconn case study

The Result

  • Over 60,000 users created for 1,800 stores, 250 gas stations and 40 supermarkets in 17 states.
  • 9,792 completed courses
  • 6,472 users have their custom certificate for the Code of Conduct
  • In 2020, 22,046 employees enrolled in the development plan learning lan iteration
  • The easy integration with Google Analytics and powerful report tools paved the road for real-time info on the data-driven learning strategy

Iconn's 60,000 employees have accessible learning with Totara Learn

The result? Watch this 20-min video in Spanish where Kineo and 7-Eleven talk about the impact of the platform and data-driven learning!

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