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New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment adopts single LMS platform

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) was formed on 1 July 2012, bringing together four separate government agencies into one ministry: the Department of Building and Housing, Ministry of Economic Development, Department of Labour and Ministry of Science and Innovation.

MBIE’s purpose is to grow New Zealand economically and sustainably for all by helping businesses to become more productive and competitive, and by increasing opportunities for New Zealanders to contribute to the economy.

The Challenge

Four separate government agencies merging to form MBIE resulted in a need for a single learning management platform that would:

  • be accessible by a world-wide user base, including via mobile smart devices, while still meeting stringent government security standards
  • offer simplicity, flexibility, responsiveness and speed of use
  • be a cost-effective learning solution
  • provide all the functionality required by different areas of this large organisation without the need for customised development
  • provide MBIE with highly responsive local support.

The Totara Learn Solution

MBIE’s existing learning management system (LMS), inherited from one of the merging agencies, was no longer fit for purpose. Totara Learn offered a web-accessible solution that enabled MBIE’s people to access training from work, home or while commuting. Totara Learn provided this accessibility and flexibility via a secure and supported mobile platform.

Totara Learn is a fast, high-performing tool straight ‘out-of-the box’ solution that does not require any customised development. The training encompasses all aspects of the business and utilises a range of interactive elements, such as video and quizzes. Bringing 200 existing courses into Totara's LMS from MBIE’s previous system was a fairly seamless process, with very few requiring re-work to achieve this.

Managing content and tracking learners is simple. Managers can easily monitor course completion/incompletion, as well as compliance requirements and their associated renewal dates. Notifications and alerts are also configured to further assist in these areas.

Totara Learn is used by many New Zealand Government organisations. Through the Government-wide user group, MBIE can influence further enhancements to Totara Learn software without being individually responsible for financing them. With so many other Government organisations using, supporting and promoting the system, it also eases the process of driving change to the organization through business sponsors, business teams, review boards and staff.

This was a joint vendor implementation: hosting and technical support provided by Catalyst, and L&D consultancy, configuration and training support provided by Kineo Pacific.

"We were impressed with how quickly we were able to get the Totara system up and running. We have had great support from the Catalyst and Kineo Pacific teams, and the system functionality meets our needs well."

Sarah Ball, Manager Talent & Development

The Results

  • Immediate rollout of training from the time Totara's learning management system was implemented.
  • Vastly improved accessibility and flexibility of training, and the ability to manage and monitor that training.

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