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Noerr increased course completions by 300% by switching to Totara Learn

As one of the leading European law firms, Noerr is also internationally renowned with offices in eleven countries and a global network of top-ranked “best friends” law firms. Noerr stands for excellence and an entrepreneurial approach.

With highly experienced teams of strong characters, Noerr devises and implements solutions for the most complex and sophisticated legal challenges.

The Challenge

The prior LMS was not sufficient anymore to cater for the additional requirements that arose from the departments of Knowledge Management and Human Resources. Up to that point online training was managed with an open source software without any learning plans and HR software interface. Face-to-face training was managed in different formats such as excel files and with Persis (Noerr’s HR software). Noerr was looking for a platform where its employees could find everything regarding further education from E-Learning to face-to-face training at one place.

Another challenge was to address the different audience groups in the company. As a law firm, Noerr uses special software for case management and internal processes and needs to teach a lot of compliance rules. Thus every new employee has to finish an onboarding programme that combines IT, compliance and law specific knowledge. And every lawyer goes through a qualification programme with multiple steps depending on the career level.

The Solution

The first key to our solution is integration on different levels:

  • The integration of the human resource management system Persis with Totara enables automated matching of employees and their roles. The users learning history, including completed courses, is automatically generated and saved in Persis.
  • The integration of Active Directory and Totara delivers a seamless user experience between intranet and LMS and enables also direct access. Only users who are authenticated in the Active Directory and are set active in Persis can access the system.
  • The integration of a web conference solution (WebEx) enables virtual classrooms.
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Totara Learn Noerr LLP

The second key to our solution is audience management for easy access:

  • Different onboarding and learning programmes dedicate courses to the different audience groups. All key audience groups are created by rules directly out of the dynamic HR data.
  • The extended face-to-face functionality allows complete seminar management including travel information and automated enrollment to seminar sessions.
  • An audience-based notifications system sets up on the Totara audience management and adds a notification system to invite any audience group (system-wide).
  • An individually programmed course catalogue and search page gives users an overview of all ongoing courses and sessions whereby expired seminars are not shown anymore. The user can filter according to specific features.
Totara Awards Noerr LLP


The third key to our solution is an improved UX design:

  • The template is realized as a responsive design adopted to the Noerr corporate identity.
  • Slider and teaser elements enable the different departments to communicate their most important learning activities to the users.
  • An individual course overview shows all course categories.
  • An individual course catalogue enables easy overview of on- and offline courses including seminar sessions.

The Results

  • The number of completed courses increased by 300 %
  • Before no international e-learning was provided. Thanks to the integration of international employees via HR system over 25 new international courses could be established.
  • Onboarding Programme for new employees gained a success quote of 100%.
  • In an internal survey 98% of learners and managers gave positive feedback about the improvements in learning organisation and quality.

“Knowledge is power. If you don’t have it, you can find on our eCampus.” – Tobias Kugler, Rechtsanwalt, Practice Group Digital Business, Practice Group Automotive & New Mobility

“The well prepared learning units make it possible to obtain the required knowledge and information in a short time, so that these can be integrated directly and profitably into your daily work.” – Dr. Felix Konold, Rechtsanwalt, Practice Group Litigation, Arbitration & ADR

“With eCampus we are reaching the next level of learning: what I need, when I need it – (almost) everywhere.” – Lorenz Kiefer, Head of HR

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