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Rabobank saves €500,000 on internal administration and financial handling in 2018

Rabobank is a cooperative bank active in 40 countries with 43.000 employees and 8.7 million clients. Rabobank’s aim is to be market leader across all financial markets in the Netherlands and is also committed to being a leading bank in the field of food and agriculture worldwide.

The Challenge

‘Empowered employees’ is one of Rabobank’s four strategic pillars. Achieving this strategic objective requires a transformation into an organisation in which there is scope for vitality, adaptability and craftsmanship with a continual focus on development and training.

Rabobank believes it is important that their employees take responsibility and take control of their own development. One of the tools to stimulate this is a personal development budget which is part of Rabobank’s collective labour agreement. This budget can be used for personal development, professional knowledge and career opportunities.

The main challenges to implement this were to:

  • Create a user-friendly and inspirational portal where employees can easily find and book a wide range of courses.
  • Create efficient and effective processes for approval, cancellation and notification.
  • Give employees, managers and Rabobank real-time insights of the use of the portal, the use of personal development budget and the progress in applications and enrolled training.
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The Solution

For Rabobank, Totara’s partner Bloomville has created a solution which consists of three components, all working seamlessly together. The solution was named Time2Grow!

Component 1) Totara – the engine

Totara is the powerful engine enabling a lot of customer requirements. Starting with the integration of single sign-on so users don’t have to login where this is enabled by a full-automatic daily HR feed.

The standard functionality of Totara has made it possible to create flexible and diverse workflow processes for any (blended) use of personal development budget, company budget and personal contribution, including according notifications.

Standard functionality also used:

  • Employees view on request and order status and training activities and their status
  • Managers' view of the training status and use of their direct reports' personal development budget
  • Manager approval
  • Reports and analytics
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The robustness and security of Totara in combination with a MySQL database was chosen to process and secure order requests, orders, order cancellations, learning content, budget data, personal data and billing data.  

The open source nature of Totara has given Bloomville the opportunity to extend its code base with innovative and more common extensions. Added were:     

  • A budget meter which gives an employee a real-time numerical and graphic view of the use of personal development budget. 
  • A budget feed.
  • A training evaluation plugin.
  • An Ideal payment plugin.
  • Extensions on existing reports as well as making new ones.
Extensions on existing reports Totara Rabobank

Component 2) Learningville® - the content database

Learningville® is a content database where Bloomville harvests the training supply of all major Dutch training vendors. It currently has around 30,000 learning offerings from 130 vendors and is expanding on a weekly basis. In Learningville® customers like Rabobank can easily decide themselves which training they want to publish for their employees, and prices depending on specific vendor discounts are calculated automatically.

"This is really awesome, makes booking a training very clear and easy’.

Rabobank employee

Component 3) Add-on layer – the front-end

An intuitive and user-friendly user interface was developed for Rabobank to maximise the user experience and to attract and retain the use of Time2Grow!

The front-end was developed in a Rabobank look and feel which also contributes to a familiar and accessible feeling.

The main functionality of the front-end consists of:

  • A powerful search index with numerous filters.
  • Inspirational content, comprising short learning nuggets e.g. films and articles.
  • Highlighted training chosen by the L&D back office of Rabobank.
  • A ‘request outside catalogue’ route for employees.
  • Basic info e.g. FAQ and contact info.
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The Results 

  • Time2Grow! was developed and launched within three months, exceeding customer and market expectations.
  • The first week 10,000 users visited Time2Grow! retaining a steady visit of 1,000 users per week afterwards.
  • Time2Grow! received a lot of compliments from employees.
  • A very detailed insight in the development needs of Rabobank employees which enables Rabobank to match the training needs of their employees and tailor the supply in the learning catalogue accordingly.
  • Up till now on average Rabobank employees booked 150 trainings per week and this average is constantly growing.
  • Saving of €500,000 on internal administration and financial handling in 2018.

"Time2Grow! has increased the convenience and the findability for our employees and therefore contributed to empowered employees."

Janine Vos. CHRO Rabobank, CHRO of the year 2017 by CHRO Community in the Netherlands
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