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Rubix takes control of compliance and HR reporting with Totara Learn

Rubix is Europe’s largest supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services. With 650+ locations across 22 countries, they offer specialist expertise in specifying, providing and installing an unrivalled scope of industrial parts, with a tailor-made service for all customers.

The Challenge

Rubix offers a wide range of products and services across over 650 locations. To ensure their staff understand their products and have a streamlined approach to selling, Rubix needed to provide training to their employees to standardise selling and product knowledge across the group. This was to be known as the Rubix Academy, where all members of staff were enrolled on relevant courses. 

The Solution

Rubix Academy homepage

To streamline learning for all Rubix staff, Synergy Learning scoped a Totara Learn platform that would centralise all programs and courses for training staff with a bespoke course catalogue. This would also involve bespoke theme development and UX design to adopt the brand guidelines of the Rubix Group alongside new icons and graphics for course content.

As a multi-tenancy client, Rubix wanted a way to ensure an efficient process for enrolment. The multi-tenancy feature allowed granular segmentation of audiences and a custom-developed feature called ‘Programmes’ allows new users to be automatically authenticated and enrolled into relevant courses, without seeing content that is not relevant to their region or department. This further complements the personal development plan and badges for course completion to aid in increasing engagement with the employees.

External course content was a considerably large element of this project and required Totara Learn to integrate with LTI and SKF courses from third-party sources. Through development, over 200 courses have been extensively categorised and integrated with the LMS and ensures a seamless learner experience by marking course completions and awarding badges from LTI and SKF courses all within the one LMS platform.

Rubix Academy dashboard

Alongside the breadth of courses, Rubix operates in 22 countries and therefore requires multi-lingual options for training. The platform supports six languages in total and allows users in specific geographical regions to take training in their native language. 

Finally, customised reporting enables Rubix to provide detailed analysis of their learner engagement and a custom plugin shows the learning manager and wider senior management team organisational gap analysis to pinpoint where locations, departments or employees are not compliant or efficient in their training. This helps incentivise the managers and provides further opportunity for learners to engage with the LMS.

Rubix Academy capabilities

The Results

  • Freedom to save – the Rubix Academy gave the group an opportunity to rebrand and provide a centralised LMS, showcasing their desire for employee learning as central to the group’s ambitions. 
  • Freedom to learn – the multi-lingual course content and the mobile-ready interface means both learners and managers can optimise their development and continue to provide streamlined, company learning, approved by Rubix. 
  • The centralised LMS gives full control to compliance and HR reporting as required in the initial scope of the project. It also allows for scalability to more sites and employees as required in the expansion of the company.
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