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Step Energy delivers on-demand compliance and safety training for oilfield engineers

STEP Energy Services, is a privately owned oilfield servicing company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. As technical and professional experts in delivering specialised coil tubing units and oil pumping support, STEP Energy serves the horizontal well market in Western Canada. 

With over 400 professionals both on the field and at headquarters, STEP Energy is an expert in safely deploying coil tubing, fluid and nitrogen pumping solutions with unparalleled service.

The Challenge 

Prior to partnering with Lambda Solutions, STEP Energy worked tirelessly to provide compliance, safety and onboarding training for their 400+ employees scattered across Canada.

Delivering offline training to employees in the office was not difficult, but when it came ensuring that training was delivered to the 300 employees out in field operations, logistics was taxing.

“Our field workers can be anywhere from Saskatchewan across to BC,” said Peggy Kimmel, Training and Development Manager at STEP Energy, “to expect professional field workers to come to our Blackfalds Service Center for compliance and safety training was unrealistic”.

Instead, training was conducted the old fashioned way and administered manually with a lot of back and forth which made it costly. On occasion, training materials and tests would be sent out via Canada post where professionals would then mail examinations back. If successful, a certificate would be sent back and scores would be compiled in excel.

Since most of STEP Energy’s safety and compliance training occurs when new employees are on-boarded, an additional hurdle was re-certifying employees after two to three years. This meant that professionals would go through the onerous examination process 2-3 times. Kimmel knew that STEP Energy needed to modernise their training programs as the company continued to expand.

With hundreds of options on the market for talent and learning management systems, Kimmel needed to condense her options for a powerful and cost-effective solution. After narrowing it down to three, Totara Learn was an obvious choice for her because of the LMS' rich feature set and the outstanding service she received from Lambda Solutions.

I did a lot of comparisons and set up meetings with a few other companiesWhat really triggered me and had me impressed was not just Totara’s feature set but Lambda’s outstanding customer service. There were prompt responses which is integral when you want to successfully implement a learning management system. - Peggy Kimmel, Training and Development Manager at STEP Energy

The Solution 

Admittedly recognising that she was “very green to online training platforms”, Kimmel knew she needed support to successfully implement Totara Learn so it was a no brainer for her to optimise her solution with managed hosting and support from Lambda Solutions.

Equipped with powerful and open-source LMS, and Lambda’s support, STEP Energy is excited to begin rolling out training to their professionals made easy with built-in hierarchies and frameworks. With everything from compliance, safety, leadership, awareness and grade 12 prep courses—STEP Energy will be offering both self-paced and mandatory courses so professionals can get their hands wet no matter where they are located.

After implementing Totara seamlessly Kimmel reflected, “If I have had trouble with anything Lambda was there guiding us along at every step in the implementation process. What I also found really helpful was the resources I was given—Lambda provided with a wealth of guides and tutorials to help me build up my knowledge from ground zero.”

The Results 

  • STEP Energy is now able to offer more training that is of higher quality both in terms of comprehensiveness and engagement than their previous programs (while simultaneously decreasing costs!).
  • On-demand learning to individual and groups of professionals for compliance, safety and development training that can be accessed anywhere, at any time on an internet connected device.
  • Expansion. Kimmel is looking forward to taking their talent development program to new levels in the years to come. “With Totara we will be able to do performance reviews, goal setting, coaching and mentoring directly in the platform,” Kimmel explains. “The competency piece is also a huge win for us as we have been working hard to align competencies per position in the organization!”