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Vistaprint creates culture of learning for 3,000 global specialists with Totara

Vistaprint is a Dutch global, e-commerce brand that produces physical and digital marketing products for small and micro-businesses. 

The Challenge

Align with a new Totara Partner who could provide the support to help create a culture of learning at Vistaprint

Vistaprint previously hosted a Totara Learn platform in-house to manage the training its CARE Leadership teams and more than 3,000 customer care specialists. They were hosting their Totara installation on their own server because they were not yet using cloud services, but self-hosting eventually became troublesome, and they decided to look for a new LMS vendor. They knew that they wanted to stick with Totara Learn, as they liked its corporate-focused features and intuitive UI, so they set about finding a new Totara Partner to support them. 

Our Solution

In 2018, Vistaprint chose eThink Education as their new Totara Partner. One of the key outcomes they wanted to achieve was encouraging a learning culture within the company. This meant providing employees with an easy-to-use, engaging way to access training and educational resources, while also providing transparency for managers regarding employee learning progress. 

During the implementation stage, eThink updated the theme of Vistaprint's LMS to provide a more modern design, implemented single sign-on and made several other small changes to get the new site up and running as quickly as possible. Vistaprint had a very strict deadline for the whole project, so efficiency was key in the design and implementation process. 

Tailored learning plans and features to establish a learning culture at Vistaprint

At Vistaprint, each employee has a job assignment, which then drives enrolment into role-based training. eThink also helped set up a dedicated learning plan, called 'The Road to Platinum' for each customer care specialist within Totara Learn. Learning task programmes are then developed by learning managers. All individual learning plans are also owned by managers, allowing an employee's direct manager to add to learning plans on the employee's specific needs. Managers can then monitor progress with the team overview report to ensure that everyone is on track. 

With Totara Learn, managers also have the power to approve training booking to ensure the employees are following their learning plans and taking courses at the right time. Customer care specialists spend a lot of time on the phone or emailing clients, so Vistaprint's management team encourages learning on specific times and days to ensure that everyone finds the time to complete training. When training is booked, managers receive a notification from Totara Learn and they can approve or deny the training based on where the employee is within their learning plan. 

Vistaprint also utilises the appraisals feature within Totara Learn. Employees and managers complete the appraisal process once training is complete to provide an overview of their performance during the onboarding process. Employees can self-evaluate their performance, and managers can offer additional feedback. 

The Results

Freedom, innovation, and choice with Totara

Opting for Totara Learn gives organisations the freedom of choice over their Totara Partner, which Vistaprint took advantage of when they switched to eThink Education to support their learning technology needs. Moving to eThink has helped ease Vistaprint's administrative burden, allowing them to focus less on the management and upkeep of the system and more on improving workflows and the overall educational experience for employees. 

Vistaprint is particularly pleased that they are no longer struggling with technical challenges and issues. 

"My team received so much of our time back that we can now focus on our main projects, including the administration, creation, and maintenance of content. We are happy to have a strong partner who can assist us when it comes to the implementation of new ideas and visions." 

Oliver Sendatzki, Manager of CARE Learning at Vistaprint.

eThink Education's fully managed Totara Learn instance and unlimited support model has also given Vistaprint the freedom to innovate. They are now able to plan for additional improvements to their L&D offerings and have the capacity to develop more creative learning solutions. In the coming months, Vistaprint plans to automate more of the processes within the system, expand its reporting and work on localising more content and courses to better serve its multinational, multilingual employee base. 

"We wanted to provide employees with an easy-to-use and engaging way to access training and educational resources, while also providing transparency for managers regarding employee learning progress. With Totara, we've been able to do just that and we're looking forward to continuing to enhance the learning experience for our users."

Oliver Sendatzki, Manager of CARE Learning, Vistaprint.