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Vital Learning enjoys a 90% reduction in support requests with a streamlined Totara Learn

Please note: this project was originally delivered by Totara Partner Envisiontel. Envisiontel merged with Totara Partner, Remote Learner in 2019. 

Vital Learning has provided management training programmes for over 27 years. They offer online leadership skills training to help improve employee retention for companies worldwide.

The Challenge

Vital Learning previously had a very traditional training delivery, comprising classroom-based lectures and text on slides-style online training.

While these used to align with the rest of the market when the company launched in 1989, they eventually became out of date, and Vital Learning needed a way to keep their management training relevant for new generations of learners.

The content of their core ‘Leadership Essentials’ courses was relevant 30 years ago and is still relevant today, so Vital Learning wanted to design an LMS for today’s leaders.

Vital Learning, like Totara, sells through a Partner network, whereby Partners can login to the LMS and grant access to their own customers, meaning the new LMS needed to be suitable for a wide range of learners.

Vital Learning LMS

The Solution

Vital Learning previously used an old Cornerstone LMS. This was very feature heavy and complex, and Vital Learning didn’t use 95% of the features available.

Many users were struggling with the system, finding it too cumbersome and clunky to use, and even the simplest tasks took a while to figure out on the old LMS.

Vital Learning has partners with varying engagement levels with the LMS, and only those who logged in every day got to grips with the more complex elements. Occasional users struggled the most, and needed a significant amount of support to use the LMS.

“We wanted a course access portal, stripped down to the bare necessities. We needed to make it simple, intuitive and responsive for the users.” – Todd Macey, President, Vital Learning

They approached Envisiontel to find a new platform which would better suit their needs, and they recommended Totara Learn. Totara Learn was a more flexible, cost-effective solution for Vital Learning, and Envisiontel was able to design a more streamlined platform without all the unnecessary extras which confused partners and end users.

Envisiontel helped Vital Learning design an LMS which was much more intuitive and user friendly than their previous platform, and it was designed with a ‘flow’ through the LMS in mind. As well as this, Totara Learn was the ideal foundation for a platform which would be simple, clean and highly customisable for both Vital Learning and their partners, meaning it could be tailored for different partners for a more cohesive, branded learning experience.

As well as this, Vital Learning liked the LMScheckout Solution. Envisiontel built the LMScheckout ‘storefront’ to enable Vital Learning to sell its courses through the website.

Each storefront can be individually themed to look like and function as a normal website. Users can browse courses, add them to their cart, check out easily and then launch the courses, giving the LMS the feel of a large e-commerce website.

Vital Learning Totara LMS

They designed the e-learning content as ‘microlearning’ – short modules which could be accessed in quick bursts to fit into learners’ busy schedules. This is simple in theory, but it can be complicated making this work on an LMS. Fortunately, this is very easy on Totara Learn, especially with LMScheckout. Once a learner has launched a course and achieved at least 80% in an assessment, this information is sent back to the LMS, ensuring all learner data is recorded accurately in real time.

Partners can then login to the LMS via their own unique URL, access LMScheckout, pull a report and see where each of the learners are in terms of progress. Totara Learn also makes setting up separate admin accounts for each partner very straightforward, ensuring everyone sees only the information associated with their own organisation.


The new LMS launched in October 2015, with the new e-learning courses being uploaded in January 2016. There are currently around 10,000 learners in the system belonging to more than 80 partners, with around 30 of these partners being very active online sellers on the LMS.

Totara Learn has been a total revelation for Vital Learning. The LMS forms an integral part of their delivery package, and with their new platform it is significantly easier for partners and learners to access the material they need without having to spend time figuring out how to do it, which has drastically improved the user experience.

They have seen the number of support requests drop from around 50 a week to 3 – a drastic improvement in customer satisfaction and ease of use for their LMS.

The user feedback has also been excellent, with users finding that the LMS works perfectly with the new courses for a more cohesive, consistent learning experience. It allows users to get up and running much faster, and it requires much less effort to do everything.

In the future, Vital Learning intend to make further improvements to their use of reporting with the help of Envisiontel and their LMScheckout Solution.

They are also hoping to add more international partners, potentially including those in the EU and UK, making this a truly global platform.

"Totara Learn along with LMScheckout has enabled Vital Learning to deliver a seamless, simple user experience for users to access our responsive mobile optimised online courses." -- Todd Macey, President, Vital Learning

Vital Learning Totara Learn LMScheckout

Please note: this project was originally delivered by Totara Partner Envisiontel. Envisiontel merged with Totara Partner, Remote Learner in 2019.