• Wendela Regnell

    Wendela Regnell

    Group Leadership Development Manager at Lowel

    Wendela has extensive experience working with Learning & Development in various forms both within large global organisations and independently. Wendela’s broad experience working in cross functional teams across geographical borders has deepened her knowledge of what it takes to build trust and an atmosphere where people feel safe. In Wendela’s view these are the key factors to be able to reach an individual’s potential and build efficient teams.

    Wendela’s driving force lies in developing people and seeing people grow.

  • Laure Van Meenen

    Laure Van Meenen

    Senior Consultant in the Workforce Strategy team at Deloitte Belgium.

    Laure is Senior Consultant in the Workforce Strategy team at Deloitte Belgium. With 5 years of experience in Learning Technology and LMS-implementations, her main area of expertise is the development of Learning Solutions. How to motivate someone for learning and how to create engagement for learning are her focus points in the creation of a learning journey. Translating the vision, requirements and wishes of an organization into a functional framework lies entirely within Laure's field of practice. The combination of online interactive learning assets and an engaging storyline, is the road to success for an impactful learning journey.

Lowell is one of Europe’s largest credit management companies with a mission to make credit work better for all.

Lowell has a strong vision for a ‘one company, one culture’ organisation. To achieve this vision, Lowell wanted to upskill the 520 leaders across the organisation.

Join us for a behind the scenes webinar where we’ll:

  • Learn how Lowell joined forces with Deloitte to create the Explore program. A single place of truth for all leaders looking to develop their skills.
  • See how the Explore program is themed as a blended learning journey.
  • Review how the Explore program has been built.  This includes self-assessment, seminars, capability labs, and ‘quests’ which take place in the workplace.

As well as understanding how Deloitte and Lowell have created a truly unique learner experience, the webinar will also focus on how the teams created a comprehensive communications package, including promotion on the intranet, Facebook Workplace, sessions with executives, sponsorship from their 60 top leaders, posters and more to ensure the success of the platform.

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