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Financial & insurance


Security and compliance drive a financial sector undergoing rapid digital transformation.

The financial and insurance sector has been through turbulent times in recent years. It remains subject to close regulation and scrutiny. Compliance is paramount because bribery, cybersecurity breaches, corruption and fraud pose major business risks, and can irreparably damage reputation.

“It’s a great way to maintain a reliable record of all my teams’ learning and professional practice, and to see who is compliant at the touch of a button.”

Team Manager, Volkswagen Financial Services

When new industry regulations are announced, it is essential that organisations have the flexibility to respond quickly by rolling out appropriately designed training to ensure compliance. Employees must also fully understand the broad range of financial and insurance products they offer to avoid the risk of misleading their customers. High quality online training ensures consistency for typically geographically dispersed organisations. Everyone knows how to carry out their roles correctly and has access to the latest product information and guidance at the point and time of need.

As we have previously used old learning management systems, we appreciate the intuitive, user-friendly interface of Totara Learn. We can also provide all learning in one place for different groups of users with different needs.