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Federal Government Learning Management System (LMS)

Government Learning Management System (LMS)

Totara Learn is a secure Government LMS that goes beyond upskilling federal and public sector employees. It helps ​modernize e-learning programs, increase employee engagement, boost workforce productivity, reduce the cost of government training and manage compliance by educating employees on rules and regulations.

For government agencies, this focus on efficiency and engagement is critical as many parts of the public sector face dwindling budgets, increasing pressures to support their people, an aging workforce, and difficulties in recruiting millennials and talent from the private sector.

As large employers, a strong government and enterprise LMS establishes best practices and sets standards to ensure that contracting partners comply with regulatory demands and protect sensitive data of both the organization and its personnel.

Supporting large federal agencies like the U.S. Department Of Agriculture (USDA), the Met Office and the UK Department of International Trade , Totara Learn is a government-friendly LMS used to train millions of public sector learners worldwide.

“The AgLearn team migrated from the restricted legacy COTS application to a Totara environment hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud. It now provides a robust and secure LMS that accommodates our current 140,000 end users, 2,000 administrators, within thirty unique agencies." – Jerome Davin, Director, AgLearn, Enterprise Application Services, United States Department of Agriculture

Key LMS Features For Government And Federal Agency Training

  • Compliance management - Ensure compliance across your entire organization to keep everyone safe

  • Seminar management - Host secure, live in-person and online training seminars for government employees and contractors worldwide

  • Multitenancy - Represent multiple brands or groups within your government organization for consistent, cohesive corporate training experiences

  • Reporting - Track and monitor learner progress and achievements with robust, customized reporting

  • Extended enterprise - Deliver secure learning to third-party vendors outside your organization

  • Audience management - Tailor learning for different audiences by role, location, job function and more

ATD Government Workforce Event: The 5 best practices for successful learning management in government agencies.

Watch Lars, CLO at Totara and Jerome, Director of the Enterprise SaaS Branch at USDA as they discuss the learning and development challenges faced by government agencies today – and how USDA is working with Totara to solve them. 

Click here to view the recording