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Enterprise Learning Management System for Hospitality & Travel

Enterprise Learning Management System for Hospitality & Travel

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The hospitality and travel sector has never been more popular or as competitive. Driven by a growing appetite among young people to spend money on experiences rather than material possessions, and retiring baby-boomers exploring the world as they leave the workplace, business is booming. But with greater exposure to affordable travel comes higher expectations, making it essential for organisations in the hospitality and travel sector to maintain high standards of customer service and a diverse range of added extras, all of which require effective and flexible employee training.

“We were in need of a learning management system to manage the training we provide to our external stakeholders and customers. The LMS we were looking for had to be efficient and user friendly, which we found in Totara. It’s safe to say that Totara makes our job much easier and at the same time contributes to safer airside operations.” 

The skills required to stay ahead in the hospitality and travel sector are changing constantly, with services moving online and travel workers expected to have a deep knowledge of their local area. To keep up, hospitality and travel workers need access to performance support resources on their mobile devices, and managers need to monitor performance and oversee learning plans remotely.

Face-to-face contact and first impressions remain important, with conflict resolution, compliance and scenario-based training playing key roles in L&D programmes for these organisations. Health and safety and compliance training and onboarding for seasonal and casual employees make it essential that businesses are able to train large numbers of employees quickly and efficiently.

“We needed an LMS to bring all our resources together, kind of like a one-stop shop for learning! We liked Totara because we wanted a system that we could put our own identity on and still have the ability to change things. We’re transitioning all the time and we needed a platform that could evolve with us as we go through our journey.”

James Rutter, Head of Learning and Development, National Express

Totara gives you the freedom to create the exact solution you need to cost effectively and rapidly deliver training to a diverse workforce in multiple languages and regions. With geographically dispersed teams and the typically high levels of staff turnover in this sector, the importance of deploying flexible learning technology is crucial. Everyone can have a tailored learning experience, giving you a higher investment return from your available training budget.