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LMS For Manufacturing


The manufacturing skills mix is being transformed by automation and digitisation.

The widespread adoption of new technologies is completely transforming the manufacturing sector. The US and UK, which previously had strong manufacturing industries, have been massively disrupted by new automated processes and the introduction of complex multinational supply chains. This transformation has led to a significant skills shortage, with a mismatch between the skills people have and the skills they need to succeed. Manufacturing organisations must find ways to attract and retain staff, and to ensure that these workers are equipped with an increasingly complex skillset to stay ahead.

“With Totara Learn, we have succeeded in our quest for one global learning system, to manage our learning everywhere in the world. As a high-tech company with a global presence, it is important for Lely to make sure the quality of sales and services is similar all over the world. Totara Learn helps us to manage this, to make sure people have the right capabilities to work with our products. Totara can deal with many different languages and is updated continuously to meet new demands.” 

Ronald van der Molen, Academy Manager, Lely

With the influx of new technology and increasing complexity of manufacturing jobs comes the need to train your highly skilled workforce to adapt faster than ever before, especially when it comes to keeping up with the ever-changing regulations in different markets. Health and safety is another ongoing issue, with basic principles combining with machinery-specific knowledge to protect the wellbeing of workers.

“The flexibility the platform offers when it comes to delivering bespoke learning projects based on our competencies, management and leadership frameworks, and our performance management toolkit is unrivalled. Our Totara platform has streamlined delivery of on-demand learning across the business and facilitated far more efficient reporting and administration." 

Lindsay Barrie, Learning & Development Manager, A.G. Barr

In a sector subject to rapid change, it’s vital that your learning platform is flexible enough to adapt to your evolving requirements. The freedom to extend the use of your LMS to learners outside your organisation - suppliers, retailers and other channels -  can give your organisation a competitive edge, with each audience receiving tailored training. 

"Totara has provided us with the flexibility to build an LMS that suits not only our needs, but the needs of our clients as well. Even with all its features and capabilities, we were able to make enhancements and changes that make it much more our own."

Jay Redmond, Director of Training and Development, Hillyard