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Make every cent you raise count with a flexible, cost-effective learning platform.

Nonprofit organisations today face a complex combination of challenges, and things are only going to get more complicated with the sheer number of charities seeking donations, volunteer efforts and support. Recent scandals concerning large international charities and the financial volatility of smaller nonprofits means that no one is safe, and with resources stretched more than ever, the nonprofit sector will be looking for more flexible and cost effective technology solutions to support their activities.

It’s a system which includes all the standard LMS functionality, as well as being easy to use, easy to implement, easy to support, very stable, and cost effective.

When your entire budget is being scrutinised, it’s crucial that you as a learning professional can prove the ROI of your L&D efforts, and make a real difference to the way that people improve their skills and performance.

“While it was intimidating for me coming from a background with zero LMS experience, the good thing about Totara Learn is that it’s dummy proof. From playing around with it, it became very easy to use very quickly.”

Mike Youtan, Director of Business Development, CBD College

It has never been more important to have clear and auditable record keeping. This includes training, particularly for a sector where volunteers play just as big a role as employees. Highly scalable, Totara is ideal for delivering large-scale training programmes on a tight budget, meaning you can be sure you are investing the money you raise to support maximum impact in the field.

“Totara Learn has given us the opportunity to provide learning to members of staff that we couldn’t always reach before and provides a central hub for everything learning and development in our organisation.”