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LMS For Sports Coaching And Lifestyle Training

LMS For Sports Coaching And Lifestyle Training

Don’t let your training obligations run away from you

Major issues facing the sport and lifestyle sector include health and safety, tackling the unauthorised use of performance-enhancing substances and addressing the risk of corruption and bribery within a highly competitive environment. Specific compliance training requirements are aimed not just at the organisational level, but also at individual athletes and coaches who need to demonstrate an understanding of the rules surrounding their specific sports.

“Totara Learn provides us with an unprecedented ability to be agile and cost effective with respect to modifications in content, and changes in sponsors and branding of our key programme areas.”

A particular challenge is meeting the needs of large, diverse audiences of learners. For instance, the training needs of coaches will differ from athletes, sports physiotherapists, medical support staff and events staff. It is essential that any learning platform can differentiate the content reaching multiple audiences as well as support learning and performance support on the move. Flexible and deep branding options are a key consideration to reinforce a sense of community and belonging across all members of the group.

Different training centres all have their own students and they need an area of the site where they can offer training purely to those students. We can brand their site to look like their own and they can also add some of their own content to the site as well.

Totara Learn gives sport and lifestyle organisations worldwide the freedom of choice when it comes to supporting learning, whether you have an audience of hundreds or hundreds of thousands.