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Enterprise LMS for tech and media companies

Enterprise LMS for tech and media companies

Technology is changing the currency of which skills matter most - in every sector.

All industry sectors are being transformed, but you can get a sense of where we are all heading by looking at how technology and media companies are preparing themselves. One thing is clear. Retraining an existing workforce with new, digital and related skills is a leading priority, particularly in an increasingly tight market for talent. It is crucial that the technology used to manage this transformation process matches up to the products and services they are creating - and innovating - every day.

“We are proud of the fact that our team can make a difference in the company, and we feel each day the power that the LMS is providing to the rest of the organisation. We are happy to see a part of us in everything, and to have a platform like Totara Learn gives us the power to support our needs and creativity, and makes us desire to do more.”

Luciana Terente, Senior Training Consultant, Corporater

Rapid product change cycles and agile practices, demand a more responsive, continuous learning and development model to be in place. External factors, such as regulation relating to data protection, cybersecurity, patent management, ethical journalism and the intricacies of media law need to be managed carefully  to avoid massive fines, high-profile court cases and irreparable reputational damage.

“Totara provided an ideal solution for us, as it was designed to meet the needs of corporates and is a significantly lower cost than proprietary solutions.” 

Tom Stammberger, Director of Education Services, Axeda

Technology and media organisations are subject to ever increasing competition. The shift online of media outlets means that they are constantly vying with competitors for the attention of audiences, and new technology products and services are launching every day to challenge present day incumbents. Collaboration and effective communication is critical to support creativity, streamlined working and continuous learning practices.

“The adoption of the new LMS system within a few months by all parties; HR, IT managers & employees alike, amazed us. This proves to us that the Totara provides true value and an intuitive user experience. Learning is critical element in helping the company keep pace in a fast-moving market.” 

Nir Tidhar, Director of Training Development and Learning Technologies, Pelephone