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As one of the UK’s leading e-learning specialists, Totara Partner Hubken is pleased to announce that they have upgraded all their Totara Learn and TXP customers to Totara 16, the latest version of our powerful talent development solution. This means that each of their Totara customers is now able to take full advantage of the latest functionality, including the integration with LinkedIn Learning. This gives their learners full access to LinkedIn’s extensive library of courses and content.

Moreover, Totara 16 sees improvements to the entire Totara Talent Experience Platform, making it an important upgrade for all of their customers wishing to make the most of their online learning, employee engagement and performance management experience.

To many, upgrading software can seem like a daunting task. However, done with a customised plan and a strong support system at the foundation, upgrading your LMS software will prove invaluable. As Dave Eales, Hubken’s Infrastructure Manager puts it,

“Upgrades provide a great opportunity for organisations to access the latest LMS features and, most importantly, the latest security fixes. The upgrade process, however, can seem daunting to organisations as being time-consuming and troublesome, potentially negatively impacting the end-user experience.”

Hubken takes away this frustration and guesswork that is often associated with LMS upgrades and their customers are experiencing the benefits.

Totara’s software upgrades often include more intuitive processes, new features, and improved efficiency created to save staff time and add value to their customers’ e-learning experience. Hubken’s employees have years of experience in the e-learning industry and their technical teams are equipped with the skills that gave all their customers confidence that this significant upgrade would go smoothly.  

As a Totara Platinum Alliance Partner, all of Hubken’s customers are supported by a team of specialists, with an intimate level of both technical and product knowledge. Their specialist engineers understand the challenges associated with platform upgrades, and this expertise combined with their bespoke platform management tools enabled us to deliver the Totara 16 upgrade to their customers with confidence and in a timely manner. As Dave further explains,

“Our technical team were able to upgrade our entire Totara customer base to version 16 in less than 24 hours, which is a fantastic achievement.”

Their customers also see the benefits of adopting the latest version of Totara’s powerful and flexible set of e-learning tools. Andy Heath, eLearning Coordinator and Development from The Salvation Army (UK and Ireland) explains that

“After being on an older version of the Totara LMS for several years, we took the plunge and upgraded to Totara 16. Our Totara partner, Hubken, seamlessly managed this upgrade for us – this allowed us to concentrate on the look and feel of the new system. Feedback on the new version has been very positive from our staff and officers – people like the ‘clean’ new look, the system feels a lot more intuitive to use, and the new Course catalogue also makes courses much easier to find.”

“It’s also good to know that we’re in safe hands with regards to data back-ups and that we can always reach out to Hubken when we require assistance in upgrading/adding new functionality to our LMS.”

Paul Chadwick from the College of Podiatry agrees, saying

"With Totara 16, the functionality of Totara has got even more powerful. We were really pleased with the entire upgrade process. Hubken’s overall communication and handling of our transition to Totara 16 meant that we had no issues whatsoever. A seamless and rapid upgrade – well done Hubken.”

From Totara’s perspective, it is important that their partners are supporting their customers by offering the latest software versions and that they are not being short-changed by not receiving the benefits of an optimised learning system. Lars Hyland, Managing Director - EMEA at Totara makes clear that

“timely upgrades are critical in managing business risk and maximising the return on your technology investments. So it’s great to see our partner Hubken taking a very proactive approach to ensuring their Totara customers are benefiting from the latest version of our Talent Experience Platform. This means that Hubken’s clients now have much greater control and flexibility in delivering effective learning and development across their organisations. It also provides a powerful foundation for more integrated performance management and collaborative working.”

Yesterday’s innovative tools, software, and processes give way to new enhancements that offer simulations, multimedia, and content your learners want. Ensuring that your organisation is using the latest updates means that you can continue to reshape and redefine the corporate learning experience. Given the array of components involved in e-learning courses, it’s easy to see why companies should always update their LMS.