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Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV), the leading provider of online training in the US for preventing domestic violence, chose to work with Remote-Learner to create a new Totara Learn-based learning platform to support their programme, giving them the freedom to innovate.

When their previous highly customised LMS became excessively complex, with many workarounds in place to patch up missing features and functionality, PCADV realised that it was no longer fit for purpose, and sought to find an LMS that would enable them to create a truly innovative solution.

Their partnership with Remote-Learner has allowed them to open up their life-changing learning to a wider audience and to provide a more personalised, targeted learning experience.

Totara Learning’s VP of Channel Operations - Americas, Daniel Vecchi, will be joining Remote-Learner’s Manager of Managed Solutions, Charles Ackerman, at DevLearn 2018 to host a session called ‘Give your organisation the freedom to innovate’, which will focus on Remote-Learner’s work with PCADV. This session will cover the importance of an open, flexible LMS like Totara Learn for PCADV’s ongoing learning strategy, how to segment learner audiences and how to improve learning administration processes.

Daniel Vecchi, Vice President of Americas Channel Operations at Totara Learning said: “PCADV is an exciting example of how a vital curriculum can be customised to fit and delivered to a wide and varying audience. By being able to innovate at the platform level, PCADV together with Remote-Learner have increased access to tools and trainings to victims of domestic violence and an intricate network of those who support them."

PCADV’s 60 community-based programmes and statewide office are joined in a coalition which acts on behalf of victims of domestic violence and their children. The coalition serves almost 100,000 people a year, and their key learning goals are to train a broad spectrum of professionals to ensure safety and justice for victims and provide the latest information, strategies and resources to help support victims of domestic violence.

To date, PCADV has trained hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers, judges, prosecutors, probation and parole officers, attorneys, advocates, healthcare providers and government agencies, making the way they deliver training an essential part of the services they provide.

To find out more about PCADV’s work with Remote-Learner and Totara Learn, be sure to attend the seminar at DevLearn 2018.