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Actua Solutions is pleased to announce their new partnership with Stuart to implement their new learning ecosystem for more than 800 employees.

Stuart is the technological platform that has revolutionized last-mile shipments thanks to an innovative and accessible delivery model for any business or company. The differential technology developed by Stuart allows urgent and scheduled shipments to be made in a simple, efficient and sustainable way.

Stuart’s Customer Support and LiveOps department started the search for a learning management system (LMS) to address the training needs of their outsourced workforce, based in five locations across Europe.

Meanwhile, the company’s global Learning & Talent Development department was searching for a solution to digitalize Stuart Academy, the internal learning center, dedicated to the development and growth of “Stuwies,” or Stuart employees. Their main goal for introducing a Learning Hub was to help increase employee engagement and the creation of a robust learning culture, where learning is prioritized.

They also needed a way to centralize learning for their geographically-dispersed Stuwies (working across countries including France, Spain, the UK, Portugal, Poland and Italy), and find a way to provide them with the same learning experience, no matter where they are based - the solution being the implementation of one common learning platform.

Stuart chose the award-winning Totara Learn as their LMS, implemented by Totara Platinum Partner Actua Solutions.

Gemma Incoronato, Senior Learning and Talent Development Manager and Ekaterina Shumova, Senior CS Training Manager at Stuart, both say: “From the first conversations with Actua Solutions, it really felt like they were very committed to supporting us and helping us create the exact LMS we needed.”

According to Adriana Bertolani, Marketing Director at Actua Solutions: “We are delighted that they have chosen us as their learning partner and not only as their provider. Working with companies that are so driven in their learning path can only bring success”.

The new LMS will also replace both learning team’s manual spreadsheet-based processes for tracking and reporting. Instead, the LMS will provide them with automatic reports with valuable L&D data and metrics, such as program eNPS and hours of learning, which they will be able to use to assist them in reaching department KPIs and in making more informed learning decisions for the organization as a whole.

Totara’s open technology also makes it the perfect choice for a fast-growing company such as Stuart, looking to customize and adapt their solution over time.

Their new Learning Hub is planned to launch in Q2, 2022.

Take a look at Stuart’s website, or find out more about Actua Solutions.