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Learning technology pioneer Totara has expanded its presence in Asia with Ubion, a new Totara Partner in South Korea.

Wellington, New Zealand, March 22nd 2021 | Seoul-based Ubion is South Korea’s first and largest e-learning organisation. Founded in 2000, Ubion has more than 1.5 million users of its online education services to date. They operate in sectors such as finance, real estate and employment, with worldwide customers spanning from Nicaragua to Vietnam.

South Korea holds vast potential for learning technology providers such as Ubion. It is ranked 14th in the world in terms of GDP and the fourth largest economy in Asia. Almost 42% of South Koreans spend 50,000 South Korean won (US$44.60) a month on online learning, showing a huge appetite for e-learning; and therefore, adaptable learning management systems to support a wide range of online learning needs and use cases.

Ania Harman, APAC Channel Marketing Manager at Totara, said: “We are excited to partner with Ubion, who has so much expertise and experience, and we are looking forward to joining forces in bringing Totara to the South Korean market.”

Scott Yoo, Chief of EdTech Center at Ubion, said: “We are very proud of being one of the Totara Partners in Asia. Korea is one of the most potential markets in the world. Currently EdTech business is skyrocketing since the COVID-19 pandemic. Every educational organisation is trying to apply digital transformation for their environment. We have been working in higher education markets using Moodle for more than 10 years. We are sure that our experiences and Totara solution will be a perfect combination in the corporate market here as well.”

South Korean organisations typically place a heavy emphasis on employee training and development, and prefer to tailor their training programs to individual employees. They also commonly cooperate with external educational institutes and universities, and offer sponsored executive training to motivate high performers. 

With the strong focus on learning and performance in South Korea, this is the ideal time for Ubion to become a Totara Partner to offer the full Totara Talent Experience Platform. Consisting of Totara Learn, the learning management system (LMS), Totara Engage, the learning experience platform (LXP) and Totara Perform, the performance management system, the Talent Experience Platform is ideally positioned to support organisations in South Korea to create adaptable, personalised learning and performance solutions.

Ubion joins fellow Asian Totara Partners based in India, China, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore.

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