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Totara Learning is proud to recognise the outstanding work of its APAC Partners and their customers, who have taken home coveted LearnX Awards this year for Totara Learn projects. 

The annual LearnX Awards, run by the LearnX Foundation based in Sydney, Australia, is an international awards programme that recognises the exceptional accomplishments of individuals and organisations across the learning and development sector. Now in its eleventh year, the LearnX Awards focus on the impact of talent development and supporting technologies that deliver best practice and business value. Year after year, Totara Learn has been a dominant contender (and winner) in the LearnX Awards, through the dedicated work of the talented Totara Partner network in the Asia Pacific region. This year, the wins were highlighted by Totara Learn’s robust functionality, it’s flexibility to support customer needs, and it’s cost efficiency compared to proprietary learning management systems currently limiting learning and development teams within the global marketplace. 

Androgogic scooped up three Platinum LearnX Awards for their work with Totara. These were: 

Best LMS Solution Deployment for The Law Society of NSW

The Law Society of New South Wales is the pre-eminent professional association representing the interests of more than 27,000 members across the state. The Law Society sought out the help of Androgogic to implement a robust and functionally rich Law Society Educational Technology Platform, where members could easily track, review and take their ongoing CPD training. Through its new online platform, LawInform hosted on Totara Learn, the Law Society delivers a premium one-stop CPD solution for organisations and individuals looking to fulfill their ongoing CPD responsibilities. Within the first two months of that platform’s launch, the Law Society has seen an uptake of 8,000 members across the state which has proven that LawInform has been a successful ‘one-stop-shop’ model for member learning and CPD compliance.


Best eLearning Widespread Adoption with the Financial Planning Association of Australia 

The Financial Planning Association of Australia provides a globally recognised professional designation the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®.  to financial planners across Australia, and it’s delivered as part of an online education programme. For six years, this programme was delivered on an outsourced LMS which the FPA had little ownership and control over, and the organisation came across ongoing challenges in the delivery of the programme on this system. They realised that they needed a tailored, in-house solution that would permit the ownership and flexibility to deliver online learning to meet the needs of their learners. FPA worked with Androgogic to develop their new LMS, FPA Learn. As a result, the FPA has found that implementing Totara Learn and bringing the management of the LMS in-house has made the operation cost-effective, has offered flexibility, and has had a positive impact for students and staff with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Best LMS Deployment with TAFE SA 

As part of major new  strategic plan to expand its education services beyond the traditional education of students to deliver best-of-breed Professional Development (PD) and training to employees of  South Australian Government departments and corporations in a Workplace Development initiative  “Lumitt”, TAFE SA required a sophisticated and scalable multi-tenant educational technology platform to support their initiative. Androgogic helped TAFE SA create a sophisticated platform management architecture that was aligned to the TAFE SA enterprise requirements: highly scalable, configurable, secure hosted platform capable of supporting multiple clients and hundreds of thousands of users both nationally and internationally – all on Totara Learn. The project, Lumitt, was developed and executed on time, and under budget which aligned to TAFE SA ROI metrics. It also represents a major step forward for the organisation’s strategic growth plans.

Kineo also celebrated a Platinum Award win for their custom Totara SaaS project with Caterpillar Marine:

Best Sales Training Project with Caterpillar Marine

This award recognises how learning can spearhead cultural change within a global company. Kineo and Caterpillar Marine enable internal and external salespeople to understand their customer’s unique situation and recommend Caterpillar Marine solutions based on benefits. This was a business shift from a more technically-focused selling of individual products towards a more consultative, customer-focused selling of end-to-end solutions. The resulting success was achieved using Kineo’s SaaS version of Totara Learn, with an accompanying app that enabled messaging to learners and offline player capability. The solution serves as a central global platform with relevant content for different markets, industry segments, and audience groups to support varying levels of expertise and experience. It uses Anders Pink to curate segment specific news articles, social learning techniques, encourages peer-generated content and additional incentives.

Over the years, Totara’s APAC Partners have won over 20 LearnX Awards for their Totara Learn implementations; a testament to the calibre of the global Totara Partner network and their ability to develop, support and service Totara Learn, tailored to the exact needs of their customers.

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LearnX Award winners will receive their prizes on 30th October at the LearnX Live! Summit & Awards Show in Melbourne, where Totara Learning, Totara partners, and clients will be in attendance to showcase their successful Totara projects.