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Croma Pharma

Croma-Pharma gives partners and employees endless possibilities for professional growth with its Croma Is More Solution

Croma-Pharma GmbH is an Austrian family-owned company based in Leobendorf, north of Vienna. The company specializes in the industrial production of hyaluronic acid syringes and is one of the world's leading experts in this field.


Using multiple systems to cover the different learning needs of its employees and partners in the fast-growing market of the aesthetic medicine was becoming a challenge for Croma-Pharma.

Covering topics from business cases, social media consulting and even virtual anatomy workshops for each different target group Croma was aiming to follow the high standards of the company but was missing a centralized hub-system. The lack of centralized data analytics was slowing the long term plans of the company. Croma-Pharma was thus looking for a digital way to reach and support its customers, partners, and employees.

The Solution

Totara was introduced in several carefully planned steps by LearnChamp, as this method proves to deliver the best long-term results. Also, the Croma-Pharma team had a similar long-term plan in place already, aiming to develop the best digital learning platform for its target groups and product offerings.

The platform had to be both interactive and innovative, the contents had to be scalable, interactive, and modern, giving the end user a seamless user experience as part of cromaismore.

croma workshop lms

A content mix of the medical and business aspects in the field of aesthetics was crucial. Knowing, that the users will access the solution mainly through tablets and smartphones from anywhere in the world, Totara as a fully responsive system that can be implemented on a scalable hosting solution for a worldwide reach was the perfect fit.

Croma chose the extensive possibilities of the programs function in Totara, combined with innovative interactive videos as well as animated and interactive articles that deliver an appealing user experience throughout the whole learning process. Together with LearnChamp, Croma-Pharma was able to achieve all of these requirements.

croma module lms

Having a platform like Totara, which enables the Croma team to continuously innovate, was crucial as part of a long-term plan for the product that cromaismore has become.

A multi-tenant setup enabled Croma an easier approach to partner companies, thus giving them the flexibility of using tenant areas, which allowed Croma to evaluate their data and adapt their offerings according to their needs. Especially for the for the target group of doctors digital learning provides a great way to include education into their daily schedule. Totara gives all users of cormaismore the possibility to access digital content, webinars, selected big events anytime, anywhere.

croma welcome lms

A central part of the solution is the data driven implementation approach. By using data from the Totara’s extensive reporting options, the solution is being further developed and improved.


In a constantly changing world and its effects on each company, Croma-Pharma was a step ahead, having a Totara solution like cromaismore in place. Totara provided the best way to organize the user data through automatic HR-Import while creating a hierarchical structure not only for Croma-Pharma, but also for its partners, who are part of this multi-tenant Totara system.   

  • Multiple signup options such as Totara’s signup with approval option give each user group the possibility to choose the right package as part of cromaismore.
  • Tailor made programs for each audience, supporting different notifications, provide, as part of the offering of cromaismore, the perfect fit for each topic in the system.
  • Dashboards with custom user interface of cromaismore give each user the feeling of being part of the brand, providing a quick overview about the user’s current activities and showing further available offers.
  • Using seamlessly integrated interactive videos and additional business materials as separate fully responsive SCORM packages provided a perfect fit for the curriculum and the full digital learning experience. 
  • Integrated seminar and webinar offerings, using the seminar management tool of Totara, gave the Croma-Pharma team an instrument to manage a complex schedule of different topics and participants, allowing perfect overview and signup options as part of an integrated user experience.
  • Giving Croma-Pharma a payment solution with a PayPal integration made the enrolment into different topics easy and allows Croma-Pharma’s partners also to integrate their PayPal seller accounts as part of the multi-tenant-solution.
croma training lms

An update to Totara 13, in December 2020, will give cromaismore’s admins and end users even more opportunities to be a step ahead of everyone else in the field of aesthetic medicine:

  • More multi-tenancy options
  • Easier seminar management (and trainer management)
  • Deeper integration with 3rd party systems
  • A rebranded and republished Totara mobile app as part of the cromaismore offering for those healthcare professionals in in need of offline learning
  • More flexible content, course and program management in Totara

“Totara enabled us to build a comprehensive content management platform that helped us improve several processes at Croma-Pharma. Internally, we use it as a training platform for new employees in the onboarding process, as a data management platform for our subsidiaries and distributors worldwide, and our sales staff use cromaismore for state-of-the-art point-of-sale presentations and for registration management for workshops and events.” – Magnus Seeber, Project Manager Global Business Services

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