Create a personalised experience for every user.

Adopting a customisable learning management system where every learner can have a unique and personalised user journey provides users with a sense of ownership over their learning and development environment. 

Totara Learn is a customisable LMS that offers a range of customisation and personalisation tools to help learners tailor their learning experience.

Customizable LMS analytics


The dashboards functionality allows site administrators to create any number of custom learning and information portals. Dashboards can be assigned to a specific group of users so the content, navigation and tools they contain aligns with the particular requirements and interests of the audience members.

Dashboards can include a personalised list of a user’s current learning items, along with course completion progress bars, due dates and an expandable view of a user’s progression through adaptive, multi-course programs and certifications. Staff and learners with different roles or information needs within Totara Learn can be assigned access to multiple dashboards.

The tasks and alerts blocks provide users with personalised to-dos, reminders and updates from the system and allows managers to approve learning plans and training requests directly from their dashboards.

When creating a dashboard an administrator can choose whether it is further customisable (by adding, deleting or moving blocks) by assigned users, allowing them to create a fully personalised page.

custom lms styling


Any number of customised site designs or themes can be installed on your Totara Learn site. Themes can range from a completely custom design with your company’s logo, colors, fonts, images and general look and feel, to a simple logo and brand colors configured via the administration interface.

A theme can be applied across an entire site, to a category (and all the courses contained within that category), for a tenant, used for a single course, or for a truly personalised experience, selected by an individual.

With themes applied across different areas of the site, for different learning subjects, or even for users with different display requirements, you can create a consistent and personalisable design experience for all your users.

Flexible LMS tenancy


Individuals within Totara Learn can optionally control and customise the information stored against their user account and displayed across the system.

Users can set their default homepage, preferred language display, view and update their site policy consents and add optional profile information such as interests, a profile picture and social media details.

By customising account preferences such as text editing options, calendar displays and notification methods for the different types of messages generated by the system, learners can personalise how they interact with their assigned learning tasks and the Totara Learn system.

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